Solving pain points of Event Organizers across Europe

April 26 09:34 2022
BDS Services Private Limited develops validated and high-quality data sets based on the customized briefs provided by our clients.

Data generation and integration has been acknowledged as a critical component of today’s company operations, particularly when it comes to staging successful events and exhibitions. In the case of an event/exhibition SME, the Business Development and Sales staff have to work until they drop in order to identify possible sponsors and participant’s data, document it, negotiate, and close the leads that are of interest. According to almost every blogger, data analyst, vendor, and so on, the most tiresome and vital duty is generating relevant Events/Exhibitions data. BDS apart from all of these solutions also pick up Sales Project services that help converting the shared leads data for a given event. The event’s success is mostly determined by the type of sponsors and participants.

“We make data that’ll work for you!” – BDS Services Private Ltd.

With regards to Database Management, we’ve worked successfully with more than 300 clients in 20+ countries who host events across different industries, including Finance, Electricity both on-shore and offshore, Gas, Water Sectors, Tourism, Information Technologies and other trade fair organizers.

“When we have internally a need for verified data, I do automatically recommend BDS to my colleagues. Why? Their reliability and speed is just outstanding. Looking forward to the next order.” – One of the Largest Trade Fair Centre – Germany.

BDS Services Pvt. Ltd., a GDPR-compliant ISO certified firm, was founded in 2009 and has since developed from a promising startup to a well-known international database company. We specialize in database administration services for international clients and have built a reputation as a reliable company around the world. Our headquarters is in Mumbai, and we have offices in important business cities such as London and Amsterdam. We place high importance on data integrity and privacy, and we take extensive efforts to protect it and ensure it is exclusive for the clients. We add value to our client’s data in every manner conceivable, from unique web research to inventing cutting-edge technologies in order to get relevant data. With our success in database administration, we further extended our services to offer digital marketing services in addition to taking up Sales Projects on behalf of our clients.

We, BDS Services Private Ltd. have provided data management services to clients across European markets like Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, etc. As part of our data management services, based on the brief received from the client we start mining data. Data Mining is also known as a pre data research activity where we extract relevant data as per brief received from the client.The data mining process entails looking for data, gathering relevant data, and then arranging it to add meaning to the raw data, so increasing its value. Next we move on to List Research & Web Research, based on the requirements shared by clients it could be company name or Specific Sector and possible job title to acquire we gather data from reliable professional networks and business directories using manual as well as artificial data intelligence. The procedure is done in order to identify how & where the relevant data can be obtained from. Research is done based on specific details mentioned by the client it could be one or more Contact Numbers, postal mailing lists or e-mail lists for use in a direct marketing campaign or event. Once we have researched and have identified the sources, we start building a list or data sheet as per the clients’ requirement. We acquire company information such as the firm name, legal status, general company email, website, and fax number. We also gather information on the employees, such as job title, direct email and direct phone, it all depends on the client requirement. We then validate the collected data, the practice of verifying the quality and correctness of data before utilizing or processing it is known as data validation. Data validation is mainly done through primary and secondary research activity. It’s referred to as data cleansing. Our experts will verify the company and employee information and also inquire about any missing information, such as the company’s general e-mail address, website, staff direct e-mail address, direct telephone number, etc. Lastly is the Quality Check process in which theauthentication of all the above activities performed above under data mining, list research, list buildup, etc. comes under quality check. Here we ensure that all the data that needs to be delivered to the client is 100% authentic, so that it can be utilized well without any hassles.

In addition to data management services, BDS Services Private ltd. now undertakes sales projects as well, so in case you need any assistance in converting potential customers you can approach us for the same. Our experts believe in providing a complete solution right from the carrying out all the major as well as minor operations in the sales process, drafting the sales strategy and then executing the plans effectively.

In terms of Opt-In / Opt-Out services,because of the various marketing messages send to prospects, the brand image may be tarnished or deteriorated. This is why the Opt-In / Opt-Outstrategy is crucial. Our team is committed to following the norms of data privacy and protection. We adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As we operate globally, we ensure that we adhere to the data protection standards and regulations in place in each country.

Lead Generation is the newest addition to our service list. Every phase of the digital world is dynamic and experiences an ocean of change. Our expert marketers are continuously analyzing the dynamics in order to deliver timely and appropriate services to our clients. We have a greater understanding of your needs than anyone else. Taking your first steps into the digital world? Allow us to assist you in getting to your destination faster.

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