How Applied Life Lessons Create Successful Corporations

April 26 15:39 2022
Resiliency Inspires Success

To some degree we have all had challenges to overcome in our lives, these efforts provide valuable lessons as we continue our life’s journey. Occasionally, our life lessons can resonate with others, and in exceptional circumstances, these lessons drive corporate philosophies and successes. One of these cases is Ms. Rosa Haynes, whose continued research, education, and hard-earned life lessons, drove her to pursue a life of community service. “Nearly a decade ago I had the idea to help people change their life holistically. I decided to be the change I wanted to see and create businesses, and programs and write books that I wish existed during my time offering practical steps, support, and the how. I discovered along the way, that what you do with an idea, could help change the world and positively impact others.”

From Life Lessons to Corporate Success. In 2014, Rosa became a Certified Professional Life and Transformation Coach and began her career as a keynote speaker at conferences around North America. She speaks about life transformation for professionals, she focuses on motivation, inspiration, and the empowerment of professionals through the identification and elimination of the mental and emotional barriers, allowing them to execute and monetize their visions by maximizing their full potential through her Revelation Consciousness Method (RCM) Rosa says “I felt a calling to help others reach their full potential by teaching them how they can eliminate any mental or emotional barriers that might be holding them back from achieving success in life. The journey from conditioning to healing is not an easy one. It takes time, effort and commitment but in the end, it’s worth every second of struggle because you will be able restful knowing that your life has meaning again.”

The feedback from her coaching programs inspired Rosa to write her first book “The Revelation: Overcoming A Conditioned Mindset,” which helps readers to recognize their own internal conditioning based on five core fundamentals necessary for inner peace by eliminating barriers in every aspect of life, including physical wellbeing and emotional health. Rosa lived a constant cycle of reading self-help books and listening to motivational speakers who offered no real tangible ways for her to implement their suggestions. Walking through the practical steps on how we can all work together towards common goals in our respective fields while also providing support from someone going through challenging times in personal or professional life.

Rosa’s message is simple “If you are currently struggling in life, know that you are not alone. The journey from conditioning to healing is not an easy one. It takes time, effort and commitment but in the end, it’s worth every second of struggle.” Readers can find support along the way by reaching out to others who have already walked this road. If you would like to share your story or know someone who has a powerful story to share, please reach out to Rosa at

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