eDeltaPro, a New Options Backtesting Software, Enters the Market to Maximize Trades

April 26 15:42 2022
eDeltaPro is the easiest way to test Options strategies before committing real money.

eDeltaPro, a new Options backtesting software, is quickly gaining popularity for its intuitive interface and expansive features that enable traders to weave through trading pitfalls with ease. It simulates investment strategies using in-depth analysis of over a decade of historical data, testing thousands of stocks, indexes, and ETFs to help individual retail investors find the most attractive opportunities.

The software doesn’t require any coding knowledge or complex technical know-how. eDeltaPro has built-in trader tools and full adjustment capabilities to make it easy to test basic, complex, or custom spreads. It’s a risk-free environment that strengthens investment decisions and maximizes profitability.

Traders can use and configure rolls, stop losses, and other parameters. They can set up their strategies in a matter of minutes and test them within seconds. eDeltaPro makes it easy to organize data trends, compare strategies, examine financial indicators, and access detailed trade logs to optimize performance and success probability.

Moreover, it opens opportunities for users to build their skills using other traders’ backtests as trading references.

Options trading doesn’t have to be hinged on intuition. With eDeltaPro, traders can better read the market and understand the associated risks for each strategy, empowering them to make smart financial decisions and consistently trade with confidence.

Try eDeltaPro for free. Find more details here: https://www.edeltapro.com/.

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