New Technology Spawns New Economy, Which Creates New Business Of Billion Dollars Market

April 26 22:49 2022

With the development of society, a universal medium of exchange, such as money, was created to make transactions easier and faster, and the productivity of society was greatly enhanced.

Since the birth of the world’s first digital currency (Bitcoin) in 2009, this colorful monetary arena has seen one more dazzling ray of light. Whether from an economic or political perspective, the emergence of digital currency has brought today’s times closer together, and digital currency is being recognized as a new financial tool in most countries around the world. Digital currency technology is constantly innovating and upgrading, with faster payment confirmation speeds, more convenient payment methods, and the ability to complete transactions through cell phone clients, which moreover lays down the inevitable trend that the era of no paper money will become the world’s future development. However, due to the lack of professional investment knowledge of a large number of investors and insufficient knowledge of blockchain technology, the investment advisory aspect of the global market is exceptionally weak.

In order to better serve the investors, so that primary investors and even newcomers can enjoy the dividends of the digital age, Molecular Future incorporates the support of the ecosystem behind the investors, and works with internationally recognized licensed financial practitioners, the earliest investors in digital assets and the top financial investors and well-known investors in blockchain technology to create a comprehensive one-stop digital asset investment service platform. Molecular Future is committed to helping users make good investment decisions, employing a professional financial investment and financing management team and post-investment management consultant team to ensure project safety and allow the public to share in the digital asset dividends.

Molecular Future provides one-click investment in diversified digital assets, including but not limited to various digital currencies, digital currency hedging, digital currency arbitrage, digital currency crowdfunding, and digital currency quantitative trading. It’s not only an institutional-level and professional analysis software that provides real-time monitoring of market trends, data integration, information aggregation, professional analysis, simulation trading and early warning functions, the most comprehensive information media community including professional information section, columns of cryptocurrency market practitioners, user investment experience sharing forum, followers area and reward interaction, also a database of global blockchain-related projects: data of eligible projects, professional analysis and rating reports, investor experience feedback, rating ranks, project warning and blacklist.

Combined with the full ecological support, hundreds of startups that the fund has invested in will gradually go to the CTD path through Molecular Future when it is suitable and appropriate, while Molecular Future Foundation will participate in supporting and early co-entry investment. Distributed shared bookkeeping technology, mutual aid and collaboration, a network-wide bookkeeping system, are conducive to building a universal credit system. In the meanwhile, consensus algorithms can transparently record and verify all transaction records, using mathematical algorithms to replace intermediaries, reducing much friction and time wastage compared to traditional centralized approaches.

These six functions as the “blood” of the Molecular Future ecosystem are constantly delivering “nutrition” to investors, and the three main sectors of Molecular Future are Currency Increase – more than 30 fixed, current, hedge and quantitative funds for you to choose from, to meet various financial needs; Currency Pledge – ten minutes to explore digital currency pledge; Molecular Fission – hold MOF to enjoy daily dividends,which can also be used for financial management and mortgage section discount fees. The three sections are an effective way to achieve wealth progression and class crossing for investors, which includes a variety of investment portfolios, such as hedging, quantification, pledging, mining and other needs all at once to meet the needs of users.

Molecular Future aspires to promote social progress through better use of technological resources. As well as revolutionizing the digital economy, Molecular Future believes that blockchain technology will have a considerable impact on the traditional economy, addressing the issues of privacy, transparency and efficiency that the traditional economy still faces today.

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