Tech Wizard Rosalind Panda Unveils Her Journey to Building an IT Empire While Pursuing a Professional Painting Career

April 27 01:19 2022
Tech Wizard Rosalind Panda Unveils Her Journey to Building an IT Empire While Pursuing a Professional Painting Career

Web design services have been in demand since computers have become more accessible. Businesses have sought the help of IT brands to develop or improve their websites to bring in more traffic and clients. With the introduction of crypto and NFT, many projects have been looking to create an artistic site that aligns with their brand. Rosalind Panda is among the most renowned names in IT services, combining her expertise in web services and art.

Rosalind Panda is a serial entrepreneur, the founder of Rosalind Arts Gallery, director of Rosalind Construction, and CEO of Rosalind IT Services, among many other ventures. She is also considered one of the leading global minds, pioneers, a visionary in art, a technology evangelist, and a forward thinker in business. Rosalind is also a global fine art artist, author, and public speaker. 

Growing up, Rosalind studied at some of the most prestigious establishments. First, she studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Fakir Mohan University in India, obtaining an Associates Degree. Rosalind later obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information at Utkal University. Finally, she concluded her academic efforts at Foothill College in Los Altos Hill, California, graduating with an Associate’s Degree in Computer Information Systems.

Rosalind Panda worked as a part-time mathematics instructor and software developer throughout her endeavor at Foothill College. She later pursued her IT career, working in the technology field for more than 15 years. Since then, Rosalind has worked alongside numerous clients, including Fortune 500 corporate clients like Google Inc, United Health Care, Citi Bank, Blue Shield Health Care, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and North Carolina Water Authority, to name a few.

With extensive working experience, Rosalind understood what it takes to build an IT company that serves its clients efficiently. Armed with a willingness to contribute her leadership and experience, she delved into entrepreneurship, creating Rosalind IT Services. The company focuses on building a great culture within the team and establishing excellent working relationships with its clients. Rosalind IT Services makes clients’ applications faster, more efficient, secure, reliable, portable, and user-friendly.

Although Rosalind is renowned in the IT services industry, she is also known for her artistry. As a child, she had been creating artworks. However, her focus turned to her career as she grew older. So Rosalind picked up the brush and used her free time to create a professional painting career as an adult.

Since then, Rosalind has established herself as an oil painter with more than eight years of experience. She uses her open heart and mind to create several styles of artworks, delving into realism, abstract, landscape, impressionism, modern, and contemporary. Rosalind’s works have been recognized in various art events through Rotary Club International, art exhibitions, and competitions. In addition, she has been awarded various times for her creativity and public speaking. Rosalind has become a sought-after name in the crypto and NFT space by combining her art and IT expertise.

Rosalind Panda is a renowned name in two industries and is optimistic about her future endeavors. She foresees her company working with corporate clients on enterprise-level projects through which applications will serve society to make life easier and more convenient in different domains. Additionally, Rosalind plans to develop her own art gallery with a merry amount of art buyers.

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