Plant Metabolite Profiling Service Now Available at Lifeasible

April 27 17:21 2022
Lifeasible recently announced the release of plant metabolite profiling service.

New York, USA – April 27, 2022 – Lifeasible, a leading plant biotechnology company that offers a full array of services for the analysis of different groups of plant biochemicals, recently announced the release of plant metabolite profiling service.

The science of metabolite analysis and characterization is called metabolomics. Plant metabolites are small organic molecules produced by protein catalysis. The study of plant metabolites can provide valuable information about plant biosynthetic and catabolic pathways and is therefore important for understanding the physiological and biochemical regulation of plant cells. In addition, because plant metabolites are direct indicators of plant performance, they can potentially guide the selection and development of biochemical markers and provide valuable tools for improving plant agronomic traits.

With years of experience in plant biochemical analysis, Lifeasible now provides a wide range of plant metabolite profiling techniques. The company not only provides optimized protocols for sample preparation, but also has advanced analytical techniques for metabolite profiling.

Lifeasible provides optimized workflows for preparing samples from different sources such as leaves, roots, fruits, stems, etc. Depending on the type of sample, the analytical technique to be used, and the specific project goals, various solvent systems, solid phase, and sample processing conditions will be applied.

Supported by outstanding expertise in plant biochemistry and plant biotechnology, Lifeasible is proud to provide featured one-stop services that cover every step of the experiment, including sample extraction, data collection, data quality control and curation, data analysis, biological interpretation and consulting.

Moreover, Lifeasible provides plant vitamin analysis, other phytochemical testis, plant hormone analysis, plant pigment detection, phytoalexin assay and spatially resolved metabolomics for plant biochemical analysis.

“Our excellent team of plant scientists, biochemists, and data scientists will work closely with you on experimental design, troubleshooting, and data interpretation.” Commented Isla, one of the representative speakers from Lifeasible.

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