Issam Wael Zaid: Palestinian Script Writer and Scenarist Taking the Industry By Storm

April 27 17:42 2022
Issam W. Zaid is a Palestinian-born script writer, scenarist, actor, and social activist who wants to change the world using his art.

There are people who are content with the world as it currently is. Then there are others who think the world can be a better place for all and have vowed to make a change in the little time they have here on earth. This latter group can be seen championing good causes and generally engaging in productive ventures that contribute towards their aim. Issam Wael Zaid is one of just such persons who has discovered that he can use art to make tangible contributions to social issues plaguing the society.

Issam Wael Zaid is a man of many hats. The Palestinian native is a script writer, scenarist, and even functions an actor some times. He famously took part in the popular series “Rejein ya Hawa”, which featured popular actors like Khaled Al-Nabawi and Nour and Hana Shiha. Written by Osama Anwar Okasha and Mohamed Suleiman Abdel Malik, the series which chronicles the life and personality of the fictional Baligh Abu Al-Hana, was also directed by Mohamed Salama.

But Issam Zaid is not just about the arts, his social activism is at the heart of everything he does. He was born in Qalqilya in 1994 and had both his primary and secondary education. He then proceeded to An-Najah National University where he completed his studies in the field of Interior Design.

Since his graduation, Issam W. Zaid has dedicated himself and his life to writing, which can be seen in his venturing into the fields of script writing and as a scenarist. When he was 21, the talented Palestinian wrote and published his first book to critical acclaim. Since that time, the Palestinian writer has written three more books. Issam’s role as an author is in addition to him working simultaneously on other projects like scripts for films and series. 

Issam W. Zaid can be reached on social media where he makes an effort to provide social content for his teeming followers.

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