How Kindness Was Lost And Found: If Kindness Is One’s Choice, Then There’s Power In One’s Voice

July 27 18:51 2022

After hearing about kindness being lost, Sam, the main character sets out on a quest to find this lost kindness.

Kindness is choosing to do something better every day that helps others and oneself, and it is an act motivated by genuine and warm feelings. Kindness, or doing someone well, often means putting others before the needs of one’s own. Kindness could come in varying forms, from giving up one’s seat to someone who might need it more or offering someone a cup of coffee. When people practice kindness, they often experience positive mental and physical changes. The motivation to help others comes from a genuine and kind mind that knows the great value in helping another human being. This is the same motivation that led the father-daughter duo Eden Grace Ramirez and Fabian Ramirez to come up with the idea of a children’s book about kindness. The book How Kindness was Lost and Found preaches the idea that kindness cannot be purchased, or is something tangible. It is the innate quality inside every human being to help another in need.

Eden curated this perfect idea for a children’s book about kindness with her father, Fabian Ramirez. They came up with a simple yet impactful story about a young boy named Sam who hears about how kindness is lost, and as the protagonist, sets out on a quest to find this lost kindness. He goes to every lost and found in his small town. Sam never finds it because it is not something to be found in a box. Sam’s mother helps him comprehend that kindness resides within if one looks through the lens of introspection. Sam then has an epiphany and asks the most important question “How can kindness be found in me?” This is the crux of the book and a question that everyone should ask themselves every day. Everyone deserves kindness and should live in a way that kindness is in them. If not, then one needs to start showing kindness to the world. It is the idea that if one wants to see more kindness in the world, one needs to start with the man in the mirror.

Eden Grace Ramirez is now an 11-year-old author, and her book, How Kindness was Lost and Found, hit #1 releases on Amazon for her category. Eden, with her father Fabian Ramirez – a renowned anti-bullying speaker for schools and conferences – has spoken to over 10,000 students across America about being kind at school. The father-daughter duo aims to inspire other children and adults to write their books and teach as many kids about kindness as possible. Eden is the mind behind the book about kindness, and she is also responsible for the majority of the illustrations in her book. Her father is her guide and man mentor and has co-authored her book How Kindness was Lost and Found which is now available for sale on Amazon.

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