CD Bioparticles Introduces the Launch of Bacterial Lipids

July 27 19:57 2022
CD Bioparticles launched a series of Bacterial Lipids to advance drug delivery research.

New York, USA – July 27, 2022 – CD Bioparticles, a leading manufacturer and supplier of various drug delivery products and services, launched a series of Bacterial Lipids to advance drug delivery research, including Mycolic Acids, Branched Lipids, Cyclopropyl Lipids, and N-acylhomoserine lactone (AHL). These new Bacterial Lipids, along with other previously launched lipid systems, will offer scientists more lipid options for customized lipid-based formulation and help avoid tedious synthesis and production.

For a long time, bacterial lipid metabolism has had a major impact on understanding fundamental lipid metabolism pathways, enzymatic mechanisms, and transcriptional regulation. Escherichia coli was considered a model for bacterial metabolism for decades. However, the advent of the genomic era demonstrated that genes and enzymes of lipid metabolism carefully studied in E. coli are not universal to all bacteria. This realization has accelerated the study of multiple pathways and structures of fatty acids and phospholipids that exist in nature. Therefore, CD Bioparticles has developed a series of bacterial lipids to assist researchers to improve their understanding of lipid metabolism in prokaryotes.

Scientists now have a variety of options for Bacterial Lipids, including Mycolic Acids, Branched Lipids, Cyclopropyl Lipids, and N-acylhomoserine lactone (AHL). For example, in terms of Mycolic Acids, CD Bioparticles offers a-mycolic acid, methoxy cis (Catalog: CDLP-A161). Mycolic acid is a long fatty acid found in the cell walls of the mycobacterial taxa, a group of bacteria that include Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, the causative agent of tuberculosis.

CD Bioparticles’ research team remains committed to accelerating customers’ scientific research by providing comprehensive and reliable Lipid Systems. It has developed various lipid systems for researchers, all of which can be applied in drug delivery, tracking & imaging, lipid synthesis and production, unique and functional liposome particle preparation and production, as well as adjuvants development for immunotherapy and vaccine development.

CD Bioparticles retains a wide range of lipid systems for customized lipid-based product development, and delivers high purity lipids for research and pharmaceutical product development. Moreover, CD Bioparticles supports customized synthesis and production. Its comprehensive lipid-related research services range from raw materials to custom kits and analytical services. In addition, its experienced research team is capable of developing surface-labeled, PEGylated, fluorescent, and other liposome formulations, guaranteeing the high quality of lipid products.

“CD Bioparticles is dedicated to solving customers’ problems in drug delivery studies. We are very excited to release Bacterial Lipids, which represent our continued efforts to expand the menu of lipid systems available at CD Bioparticles,” said Dr. Robin J. Watts, the scientific officer of the R&D department at CD Bioparticles. “We expect to offer several other important lipid systems later this year and provide more choices for our clients.”

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