Ecommerce Company Bemodo is Ready To Help 90% of Unsuccessful Ecommerce Entrepreneurs with Higher Profits

July 28 17:54 2022
Bemodo is set to debut in August 2022 as a major disruptor in the e-commerce industry. It promises to help those vendors and sellers succeed who have tried but failed for no real shortcoming on their part. The differentiators for Bemodo are its higher affiliate commissions and easier setup.

According to announcements released by Bemodo and Jeffery Boyle, the company’s e-commerce store is set to open in August 2022. Entrepreneurs that sign up for its pre-launch list will be gifted the business’s exclusive business blueprint worth $500 for free. Bemodo promises to help interested people with no sales, design, or tech skills set up a successful online store.

Independent vendors that wish to increase their sales will benefit from partnering with Bemodo. An easy setup and higher commissions for sellers are attractive differentiators for those seeking an alternative to other e-commerce stores’ monopolistic policies.

Initially, Bemodo will offer thousands of products from top-selling categories, including pets, travel, health, and home.

Bemodo intends to work with mall owners who will sell e-commerce store subscriptions and store owners who will sell products to consumers. The business has adopted a “freemium” model under which shoppers and affiliates can set up a free account. An upgrade provides them with higher commissions and better marketing tools. 

Bemodo aims to simplify e-commerce for all. With other platforms, sellers who know some programming and have a business background operate with a significant advantage over others who don’t. Bemodo aims to address this disparity. 

Many e-commerce store owners cannot actualize their dreams or take their business to the next level because they are forced to spend a significant portion of their time on non-core activities such as web design, logistics, tax formalities, etc. Bemodo ensures that its sellers are provided with support for all such ancillary activities, so they can focus entirely on selling and earning.

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Jeffrey Boyle, CEO of Bemodo, said, “We wanted to truly create an abundance of exchange. We believe it was time to take the best of MLM and Big Tech and look for the shopper smart enough to see the negative consequences of only shopping with Big Tech. 

We are not network marketing or MLM, as it has a negative connotation. However, in my years within the industry, we loved the mindset training and personal development we offered people. Many e-commerce entrepreneurs will benefit from our sales, mindset, and marketing training without the negative downside of overly priced products and services perpetuated by MLM. 

Also, within network marketing, we loved how we could offer instant sales solutions to our downline without a significant investment. With Bemodo, we can fairly compensate the salespeople for their efforts, offer higher sales volume, and provide innovative technology for motivated people to make commissions.

Bemodo teaches store owners how to properly use word of mouth and social media to attract new customers to their stores. As a result, store owners focus on sales and customer development and receive their commissions twice monthly. Products offered on Bemodo will not likely be exclusive to our e-commerce platform. The pricing and free shipping will also be similar. 

However, the founders believe in the power of word-of-mouth marketing by trusted friends and family.  

Due to its ease of use to set up and low-cost way to have an online store, we will be able to focus our mentoring for Store Owners on how to create relationships and ongoing sales.”

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About the Company:

Bemodo was founded to create a happy medium for buyers, vendors, and sellers. It has worked hard to create a model where sellers can concentrate on selling and leave all the other work to Bemodo. The e-commerce platform will go live in August 2022.

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