Northern Force Security Publishes Guidelines for Becoming A Security Guard

July 28 22:58 2022

Security services expert, Northern Force Security, has recently published guidelines for those who intend to work as security guards. “Security guards are a valuable addition to any business because they act as a deterrent to any potential and perceived threats,” says a spokesperson for the company.

In this day and age, people and businesses can’t risk being complacent. Criminals are now more sophisticated, which calls for them to invest in more sophisticated security measures. In addition, companies want to ensure that their staff, clientele and property are secure from harm.

There is a tremendous demand for security services today as evidenced by the $132 billion global security market. This shows a rewarding and lucrative career for anyone who has a strong sense of personal responsibility and wishes to learn about how the industry operates. To have a shot at becoming a security guard in Canada, the interested applicant must:

  • Be18 years or older
  • Have no criminal records
  • Be eligible to live and work in the country
  • Successfully clear the physical and medical examination
  • Comply with the Security Guard Code of Conduct

Upon fulfilling these fundamental prerequisites, the applicant would be required to attend a security guard training program approved by the provincial government. The program length would vary depending on the province, but it would typically be around 40 hours in total. Topic areas covered in the course range from Introduction to the Security Industry to Introduction to Anti-Terrorism. Some provinces offer online training at this level.

Trainees are mandated to complete the program before applying for an advanced class or position. After completing the course, they may request a training completion number. The advanced training program provides a more in-depth understanding of security operations. It comprises 16 different modules, part of which are taught in the classroom and others in a training field. They range from Case Laws and Civil Laws to Arrest Procedures.

Those who have finished the advanced training course are eligible to sign up for the armed guard program. They can hone the skills they picked up in the earlier courses thanks to this course. They also get the opportunity to obtain a firearm license. It’s worth mentioning that not every trainee is eligible to bear arms as it is restricted to specific work environments. The following documents are required, alongside a thorough background check:

  • An Authorization to Carry (ATC) under the Canadian Firearms Act
  • Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL)

The ATC will authorize the holder to carry restricted firearms and weapons within Canada. The PAL is a license that is issued to those who meet the safety requirements mandated by the Firearms Act. They must also have First Aid and CPR certifications.

Northern Force Security offers online training and on-site training courses that interested applicants can sign up for on the company’s website.

About Northern Force Security

Northern Force Security is an Ontario-based security company that provides a wide range of security services. Among them are armed and unarmed guarding, concierge services, and event security. Founded in 2015 by ex-military and anti-terrorism experts, the company delivers top-of-the-line security solutions to individuals and businesses. Its team of security experts has years of experience in the security industry and is dedicated to giving clients reliable, round-the-clock protection.

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