WJPC Launches Kickstarter Collaboration: A Boon for Independent Designers and Small Businesses

July 29 19:09 2022

Recently, WJPC has launched a benefit project for the crowdfunding platform – Kickstarter.

As a supplier specializing in the production of custom cards only, WJPC has over 15 years of experience and technology in the printing of playing cards, tarot cards, oracle cards, flashcards, and card games.

This Kickstarter campaign heralds the fact that WJPC not only has stable and well-known customers, but also values those independent and small future partners who have not tried printing before.

Prior to this, WJPC has had many successful kickstarter playing cards and kickstarter tarot, and has seen many designers and creators realize their dreams step by step.

The Photography Deck: Camera Cheat Sheet Playing Cards was one of the most successful projects, generating over $360,000 in crowd funding with the help of Kickstarter, which at the time was the fifth top poker Kickstarter project ever.

For tarot and oracle decks, WJPC has the opportunity to showcase their best work and highest technical achievements. The Runic Odyssey Oracle (New Edition) is one of those typical kickstarter oracle decks.

It has a stunning blue-green “velvet lamination” and luxurious gold stamping, and comes with a guide book, hinged neck box, faux suede pouch and certificate of authenticity, all produced by WJPC. In total, the project raised over $77,000, far exceeding the goal set by the creators.

Besides, many creators who have worked with WJPC have had very positive things to say about their services. As one creator put it, “Their client relations process is great – it’s very easy to produce with them. They are fast, accurate and respectful in all communications – very important and very rare!”

Similarly, several creators spoke highly of WJPC’s comprehensive and wide range of products and options, and said their staff was very helpful in suggesting different production methods, inks, etc., while demonstrating flexibility and a willingness to make changes on the fly.

One creator also pointed out the advantages of their prices: “Cost was also a factor – their prices are very competitive. Especially in high volume production, the cost savings can be significant.”

This time, the special Kickstarter promotion program from WJPC is doing its best to help make the crowdfunding project a success. Simply place the WJPC banner and a link to WJPC on the KS page to enjoy freely:

l  Over 200 custom art template files about cards, boxes and booklets and free help with the layout and proofreading process.

l  A more accurate KS budget calculator and accurate production costing.

l  6% off the total price of EXW order in WJPC.

l  Free Google Ads and social media promotion.

WJPC is continuing to step up their contributions to the card industry. Some of the initial crowdfunding projects they were involved in seemed to have some issues, but after 2018, the feedback from designers and creators has become increasingly positive and motivating.

And you can see that they are constantly improving and growing. Suffice it to say, WJPC has completely figured out what kind of quality and standards people in the card industry expect.

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