Brett Jones and Andy Rehfeldt raise a Gofundme for their Sleeping World Album Series of 100+ songs

July 29 22:28 2022

Incredibly gifted musical duo, Brett Jones and Andy Rehfeldt have organized a fundraiser on Gofundme to raise support for their Sleeping World Album Series of 100+ songs.

Music for both Brett and Andy is undeniably a beautiful escape into peace, calm and happiness. The duo are two of the most passionate music lovers who live and breathe music. As a seasoned music expert, Brett’s passion lies in mixing and mastering. He ventured into music 10 years ago and has released countless hits.

Andy is an incredibly talented musician and composer with decades of experience. Brett and Andy have been working together for two years with Brett mixing and mastering Andy’s performances.

”I have grown up living and breathing in this realm, so much so that if you ask me about my passion, it is being able to mix and master songs that are as pleasurable to listen to as they are to create. As I explored this passion, I was fortunate to encounter Andy Rehfeldt, an incredibly talented musician and composer with decades of experience. With over ten years of experience, I have enjoyed every opportunity to mix and master Andy’s stunning performances,” Brett said.

The duo have been working together on their album titled ‘Sleeping World’. They have finished ten songs for volume one of the album, in the process, giving their all into making sure that it touches the heart of everyone who listens to it. While Brett and Andy may be at the end of their finances as they finish the ten songs, the duo are still ripe with many creative ideas. ”We realize that this album has a lot more potential and can have as many as 80 pieces or more to truly live up to the vision for what we want it to be,” Brett.

Speaking about their need for financial support, Andy said: ”We are here to ask for your support in helping us turn this goal into a reality. It takes $400 to cover the costs of composition, mixing and mastering a single song,” he said.

”Thus, all the money raised from this campaign will be split between Brett and I to support our goal to compose, mix, and master at least 80 songs for our Sleeping World series. Therefore, for every $400 we receive, we are committed to creating one incredible, unforgettable, timeless classic for your listening pleasure,” he remarked.

As a little incentive to donors, Andy said they can hear the first ten songs of volume 1 in their entirety for free. ”Volume 2 is already halfway done thanks to the over 1000 dollars raised so far. We are massively grateful to everyone who has helped us raise 1000 dollars so far,” Andy said.

As musicians passionate about creating good music that reaches the soul, Brett and Andy are motivated to give their audience nothing but the best. ”This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for both Andy and me to collaborate, do what we do best, and create an experience as unforgettable as it will be timeless. We are grateful to you for all your support and donations in helping us make this dream a reality”, Brett Jones said.

To support Brett Jones and Andy Rehfeldt, kindly click the link of their gofundme page.

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