Sentien Launches the Next True Wearable

September 17 02:36 2022

16 September, 2022 – After raising nearly $1 million in pre-orders via crowdfunding in 2021, Sentien has announced that pre-orders have reopened for a limited run of their open-ear headset: Sentien Audio

Built from the ground up, every detail of this wearable tech is designed with the company’s ethos in mind: to connect people and technology better.

Sentien Audio is designed to be put on in the morning and worn all day—like a smartwatch for the ears. Whether the everyday calls for communicating with others at work or just listening to a favorite podcast or playlist, Sentien Audio seamlessly merges offline and online reality.

The company highlights features such as:

• Open ears

• Ergonomic, adjustable design

• Bone conduction technology

• Highly sensitive noise-canceling microphones

• Firmware upgrades via app

• 24-hour battery life

• Configurable touch controls

Open ears mean total environmental awareness. The ergonomic design and adjustable nitinol band also make it feel like the headset isn’t even there. Zero ear fatigue, and no need to take it off.

Bone conduction technology sends audio straight to the inner ear. Phone calls feel like the person is in the room, and playing music creates a second layer augmenting reality.

Highly sensitive microphones are embedded in the wearable device. Those microphones filter out background noise for calls free of interruption.  

Finally, this new wearable technology can be customized according to the user’s individual needs. There are 12 touch controls to choose from, and a growing list of commands like Pause, Mute, Pick up call, and Voice Assistance. The headset’s touch controls can be configured in the Sentien Connect app.

The app also provides continuous upgrades for Sentien Audio’s firmware with new features when updates are available. This isn’t just some bone conduction headset. Sentien Audio is an all-day wearable that connects people and technology better, with brand new features coming soon.

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