Peggy Warren’s New Book ‘It’s a Heart Thing’ is Full of Individual Stories of Passion, Delight, and Even Despair

September 17 03:45 2022
Peggy Warren's New Book 'It's a Heart Thing' is Full of Individual Stories of Passion, Delight, and Even Despair

Every now and then, readers will come upon a book that speaks to their hearts and souls. That is precisely what “It’s a Heart Thing” does.

It’s a Heart Thing” tells the story of four ladies in their mid-forties who are all grappling with different personal issues. Maggie, the protagonist, leaves her marriage on impulse and travels to her favorite brother, who offers her his home until she sorts herself out. He lends his home in place of dog-sitting Albert, his television-obsessed Great Dane.

Every city has its own unique story of love, excitement, and sometimes sadness. “It’s a Heart Thing” follows the lives of four Dallas women as they face major life changes. Each character has an intense depth and personality, in which readers will feel as if they are reading about four of their dearest friends. It tugs at your heartstrings in all the right places and threatens to make you cry.

Peggy Warren’s lyrical writing gives readers comfort and joy in reading about these women’s friendships and how they lean on one another for strength. Peggy Warren perfectly melds the lightheartedness with serious, hard-hitting issues such as abuse and rape. “It’s a Heart Thing” is a tale that digs deep into the soul and awakens feelings you never knew existed.

About The Author

Peggy Warren was born in Toronto, moving to the USA when her husband was transferred fifty years ago. She and her husband of 60 years remained proud Canadians. Peggy was recently widowed, and after 30 years of living in a 100 year old log cabin in the turn of the century mining town of Eldora in the Colorado Mountains, she moved to Boulder to escape loneliness, and also to explore city life that she once shared as an active artist. She now, gratefully, lives, paints and writes in the home of her daughter, Judy, her son-in-law, Greg, and her best friend, Freddie, the poodle. She has two sons who live in Canada.

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