“Ms. BounceBack”, the New Lifestyle Brand for Women Launched Recently to Heal Mind and Spirit

September 17 04:36 2022

Ms.Bounceback is a lifestyle brand for women to help, well BOUNCE BACK! The whole concept of Ms.Bounceback, created by life-coach, Heather Wilson, is all about identifying, healing and overcoming obstacles in our way! The innovative, Ms. Bounceback lifestyle brand, carries products and services all centered around female empowerment. Not only does Ms. BounceBack have a workbook, but also bath bombs, salts, and other cool stuff to help you Bounce Back! 

Ms.Bounceback life coaching section offers online life coaching sessions catered to each women’s needs with the ultimate goal to heal and move forward in life with grace.

“One day I called my therapist and asked her what she was doing…she said, “waiting for my bath to be drawn”. I was curious because of the regal-ness of it all, like Prince Akeem in Coming To America, having his royal bath. So I said “OKAY QUEEN”, and we laughed.

She went on to say that her husband runs her bath water everyday. My jaw dropped. I had always dreamed that there were men out there that did shit like that (I hadn’t met him yet lol I don’t think). In that moment I started to feel sad. Not envious, just sad that I hadn’t found that love. And then! Outta no where, the little Jersey girl in my head said –


 I started to literally laugh out loud! In that moment it wasn’t about needing or wanting anyone else, it was about me putting the energy I so freely gave to others, to myself. And –



So from that day on (about 2 years ago), I started to draw my own bath water everyday. I started to make it a “Heather Thing”, just as some people go to the gym or go to yoga or meditation. Now, not just a shower, but a BATH. It was my time to purge energy and rejuvenate my spirit.”

The Ms.Bounceback brand also offers gift sets with cool names such as “She’s Bomb” and “Triple Threat”, with each set coming with a “wish” for each product to keep so you always remember how to bounce back! 

Ms. Bounce Back’s mission: “Recognize, Revitalize, Recover and Relish”. 

Heather writes” There will always be some obstacle in life that we are facing, but it’s less about the obstacle more about how to deal with them! In an emotionally intelligent, balanced way!”

The Vision of Ms.BounceBack is to continue to uplift women to know that no matter what they go through in their lives, they can get back up and thrive. 

Life goes on and so should you!

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