Meet ONBUFF’s new NFT market and join for membership NFT

September 17 10:18 2022

Seoul, Korea – ONBUFF has announced the launch of a new NFT market at their blockchain content platform(INNO) and an auction for limited-membership NFT for users. ONBUFF opened INNO Platform this year, which is a blockchain content platform for P2E game users and NFT enthusiasts. INNO Platform provides P2E game users to play ONBUFF’s game and to swap game points to token.  Once NFT market opens at the same platform, users can purchase their game NFT at the same platform. INNO Platform is made in user-friendly UX and it is not even difficult for regular game players who don’t know about cryptocurrency well. You can sign up with Google account or Facebook account on the platform and you will automatically have your new crypto wallet and INNO ID for connecting your wallet to the games.  

ONBUFF’s first NFT on the new market is the membership NFT for INNO users. This membership NFT is called ‘OnMeowZ’, cats from the Meow Planet to save the earth. NFT holders will have more benefits on INNO Platform especially when there is new blockchain contents on INNO Platform. Roadmap and Utilities for OnMeowZ will be revealed soon after the first auction in 2weeks.  The ONBUFF project team launched their first P2E game, Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT with the Gravity Game Link who is a global game company owning the Ragnarok IP. The pre-registration for this game exceeded over one-million players to prove the power of Ragnarok in many Asia, and now waiting for global launching on the 22nd. Pre-registration for the Ragnarok NFT sale on INNO Platform began on September 1st.

“Besides limited NFT with the highest rank for membership, membership NFT airdrop event will be held for all users at INNO Platform soon! If you interact with INNO Platform and ONBUFF, you will have more chances to earn free NFTs, which will be connected to the next new game at INNO Platform,” stated a spokesperson for ONBUFF.

The ONBUFF market can be a better option for some of the users who are looking for a one platform using one ID with ease to manage tokens and NFT to play blockchain games. If you used to play Ragnarok games before in your childhood, INNO Platform and new NFT market with exclusive sales for Ragnarok NFT will help you to feel more familiar with cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. The market was built on polygon network with low gas costs and high-speed connection, and a 0% service fee to celebrate the opening of the market.

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