GreenLivingshk Releases Eco-Friendly Bath Brush Made from Natural Bamboo and Boar Bristles

September 17 13:08 2022
GreenLivingshk Releases Eco-Friendly Bath Brush Made from Natural Bamboo and Boar Bristles
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GreenLivingshk, a manufacturer of home products, is pleased to announce the launch of a new bath brush made from soft and green bamboo handles with a detachable bristle head. This luxurious product features an extra-long handle designed for users who prefer to enjoy a relaxing shower without having to bend over. The long handle also helps reduce water usage and eliminates the need for a separate soap dish included with most shower brushes.

The bamboo handle is sturdy and durable and will not splinter even after years of use. The detachable bristle head can save money and save the bath shower brush. The brush is ideal for wet skin, promotes skin health, and boosts circulation.

GreenLivingshk has been a leader in the manufacturing of home products, with over 30 years of experience and over 100,000 square meters of production facilities in China and Vietnam. Its extensive range of products includes household cleaning brushes, brushes for public restrooms, and shower brushes back. GreenLivingshk is committed to providing high-quality products and a complete solution for customers by integrating design, product manufacturing, and display into its business model.

A company spokesperson said, “GreenLivingshk’s latest feature is its extra-long bath brush, which is meant to clean every inch of your body while also providing exfoliation. The extra-long handle makes it easy to reach every part of your body during long showers. The bristles are designed to clean deep down for a thorough cleanse—the microfiber bristles work like a sponge to efficiently remove soap scum on the surface of your skin and hair, as well as dirt from within pores. Since the bristles are made from boar bristles and are not made from synthetic fibers, they’re much more hygienic than traditional loofahs and washcloths, which can harbor bacteria from use after use.”

GreenLivingshk has 30+ years of experience in manufacturing various types of brushes, and they have recently launched their newest product, the body brush. This brush is made to provide everything you need for an at-home spa experience, with long bristles which soft enough to exfoliate your body while being strong enough to get the dirt out of your tub or shower after it’s been used. GreenLivingshk products are eco-friendly and made from recycled material, including bamboo handles that help reduce the overall waste from discarded plastic materials. They also work with top designers to make their products fashionable and attractive to consumers.

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