Introduction to the one of the most important Arab figures out there – Mahdi Al Ameen

September 17 20:44 2022
Introduction to the one of the most important Arab figures out there - Mahdi Al Ameen
Introduction to the one of the most important Arab figures out there! Mahdi Al Ameen
Mahdi Al Ameen Ahmad, a Sudanese resident in the United Arab Emirates, a Pharmacist, and a master’s degree graduate, specializing in Management and Strategic Marketing, and he is successfully completing his second phase in his PhD.

More of his academic success, Mahdi completed an international fellowship program for business leading in Global Marketing, at the Chartered Institute of Marketing “CIM” which located in UK.

About his professional side, Mahdi is totally interested in human development, and that had and continues to be his motivation throughout his career path, so he has been holding a “Marketing Manager” position for more than 12 years with such a reputable international marketing company, UAE-based.

Apart from both academic and professional sides, Mahdi got himself some interesting hobbies to do, such as, adventuring and travelling, listening to various genres of music, and reading, but the most important hobby for Mahdi is digging deeper into Cars World.

Mahdi’s passion in cars got him involved in this field 8 years ago, specifically in 2013, he started his journey in this field in 4×4, adventure, and desert cars and vehicles, after that, his hobby started to grow more and more, as he went in advanced car modifying, whether aesthetically, or functionally.

Mahdi also participated in many cars events and competitions, and he won 13 prizes in modifying 4×4 vehicles, and the most important prize he received was in 2019, for his FJ modified car, which took the first place in the competition.

Mahdi didn’t stop at that point, he significantly contributed to establishing and improving many general car clubs, and desert and adventure vehicles clubs, and he added his touch of management, teamwork, and some of the brilliant marketing strategies, to make these clubs more developed by time.

Mahdi’s recent stages in the cars field, is having all UAE cars clubs gathered and united, since he and his friend, Salim Al Suwaidi, are both founders of the largest automotive enthusiast community, that is embracing the most important car and biker’s clubs in UAE, with a great balance of more than 70 national events during the last years, and this itself a well done record!

Mahdi took a good care of the media side too! And that was in the professional racing commentary side, in different languages, so he became one the most significant motorsport commentators, in car racing, and every other car events and activities, in which he made a great long-standing experience, with a record of covering more than 100 motoring events, and car races over the last five years, and because of Mahdi’s full record of successes and accomplishments, he was nicknamed “The Maestro”.

At last, Mahdi’s all-time favorite piece of advice is: “There is no room for second place, there is only one place in my game, and that is first place!”

Mahdi is more than active in many social media platforms; you can find him at:

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