SpaceBeaver: Pigs Can Fly Labs to Launch Innovative Satellite Communication Device on Kickstarter

September 18 05:42 2022
Providers of innovative tech-driven solutions, Pigs Can Fly Labs LLC, announces plans to launch its groundbreaking satellite communication device, Space Beaver, on Kickstarter

The team at Pigs Can Fly Labs LLC has made a giant stride towards ensuring people, irrespective of their location or time of the day, stay connected to their loved ones with the upcoming launch of Space Beaver on Kickstarter. Space Beaver has been described as the satellite messaging tool for the next generation, offering features and functionalities that stand it out from similar devices on the market.

It can sometimes be difficult for people to stay in touch with their loved ones, especially in areas with weak or no signal. This can be worrisome, especially for outdoor enthusiasts or people who go out in the dark. Unfortunately, many of the available satellite communication devices have failed to deliver as desired, which is where Pigs Can Fly Labs LLC is looking to make a difference with the upcoming launch of Space Beaver.

Space Beaver is an open-source product designed to enable users to communicate directly to satellites, working with the mobile device to ensure people stay connected through off-the-grid e-mail and satellite email, irrespective of location or time. The device is compact, fitting in day packs, bum bags, or parachute harnesses, with more powerful circuits to ensure better reception. In line to ensure super-connectivity, Super Beaver is designed to be compatible with lower frequency, helping its reception even in cloudy weather. Inspired by working with Ukrainian electrical engineers, Super Beaver enables communication anywhere.

The crowdfunding campaign to be launched on Kickstarter in September will support the mass production of Super Beaver, which is currently in the final board design stage to meet FCC emission guidelines. Super Beaver is designed to work with iOS and Android devices.

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