Syinno Team Announces Launch of World’s First Wire-Binding Screwdriver

September 18 07:36 2022
A Seattle & Hong Kong-based group of inventors and engineers announced the upcoming Kickstarter release of Syinno, the world’s first wire-binding screwdriver. Soon to be an essential item in every handyman’s toolbox, Syinno is both a high-torque screwdriver and a wire clamper.

Innovation meets function in the Syinno wire-binding screwdriver. Syinno makes mechanically joining two objects simple by combining a wire clamper and screwdriver in a single device. Applicable to a vast range of projects, Syinno will soon be the tool of choice for many jobs. 

“Technological advancements, notably mechanical engineering innovations, anticipate all manner of improvements in the quality of life,” Syinno creators said. “The 2-in-1 wire-binding driver is yet another remarkable feat of technological advancement, establishing a simpler way to bind wires by virtue of ingenious mechanical designs.”

Previously, the most effective way to bind something with wires involved slow, inefficient twisting with tools like pliers. Syinno takes functional design to the next level, providing users with an effortless, safe, and easy stainless steel wire clamp without the hassle. 

A transformative tool

Syinno reduces the human effort required in wire-binding to a minimum, transferring muscle power to the wires in a different, more efficient way. Syinno inventors worked with engineers to design a tool to complete the job without expending the energy previously required. Most metal wires work with Syinno, and creators said even some high-quality carbon steel, which often resists bending, will work with the device.

“This transformative tool ties wire knots by exerting the force along the metal wires instead of sideways, vastly improving its mechanical performance,” Syinno’s designing engineers said.

High-performance, multi-use design

From repairing livestock or chain link fences and temporary automotive repairs to connecting broken bike chains, modifying gadgets, or hanging a hammock, Syinno gives users the versatility to get the job done. Fans of DIY projects will enjoy the Syinno’s usefulness for tasks like building their own ladders, swing bars, and signposts. 

“Syinno 2-in-1 Wire-Binding Driver tackles all the issues around your house that require attention,” creators said.

Syinno features a magnetic nesting storage design, making it simple to store the tool and ensure the pieces are always where they should be. Scarcely bigger than a pen, users can easily slide Syinno into their pockets, so they always have a handy high-performance screwdriver, whether fixing fences in the back pasture or working on a project around the house.  

Launching On Kickstarter

Syinno launches soon on Kickstarter with a 40 percent discount, starting at an affordable $39. Those looking to purchase Syinno are advised to do so quickly, as supplies are expected to run out soon after release. 

“This handy helper is perfect for any homeowner who has a need for hose clamps or screws,” creators said. “Don’t wait too long because stocks are limited, so hurry up and check out Syinno on the Kickstarter campaign page before they’re all gone.”

Function meets innovation

Syinno is the world’s first wire-binding screwdriver, offering an easier way to complete multiple projects. 

High-torque capability

Syinno also features a high-performance screwdriver, sure to make it a favorite among handypersons everywhere. The innovative lever mechanism design offers users high torque, and the 24-in-1 magnetic bit drivers work for most bolt types, making Syinno an indispensable multi-purpose tool. The rotating top’s premium professional grade material also provides users with a smooth action. 


Syinno 2-in-1 Wire Binding Screwdriver is set to make waves in the hand tool market with solid capabilities and a myriad of applications. To learn more about Syinno, visit the website and watch for updates on Kickstarter.

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