Fiberroad’s Newly Launched DIN Rail Industrial Ethernet Switch Delivers Reliable Ethernet Transmission to Help Meet Customer Expectations

September 20 09:33 2022

Fiberroad’s engineers have developed the DIN Rail industrial ethernet switch that can function optimally in harsh environments and fit in cramped spaces.

Fiberroad, a trusted name in the network communication industry, has launched the revamped version of the DIN Rail Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch to help factory managers optimize their networking operations while reducing costs and time.

Industrial network switches are a vital component of industrial IoT networks and smart city applications, because of which the margin for error is very low. Engineers at Fiberroad listened to their customer’s feedback and worked round the clock to enhance the functionalities offered with the DIN Rail Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch. The switch can now tolerate an enhanced range of physical contamination, electrical noise, vibration, humidity, and temperature to deliver reliable and flexible data transmission. 

Companies can communicate with the industrial network without worrying about electromagnetic environments affecting their performance. Moreover, the device can configure to provide synchronization with other devices on a real-time basis, which makes it perfect to meet the requirements for high-density PoE/PoE+/PoE++ deployments and help power devices like VoIP phones, webcams, and wireless access points.

Fiberroad’s DIN Rail Industrial Ethernet Switch features 4-24 Ethernet ports, and DIN rail/wall mount aluminium housing that complies with industry-leading technical standards. It also ensures connectivity for data uplink thanks to its state-of-the-art Gigabit SFP. The Layer 2+ Gigabit network connectivity has ACL/QoS policy, LAN network security, and Static Route.

With power-packed functionalities on offer, the DIN Rail Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch has been a hit in diverse industries, such as construction, transportation, environmental protection, petrochemicals, power, and metallurgy. The switch improves reliability by helping configure the Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ITU-T G.8032 ERPS), redundant power system, and multiple spanning tree protocol (802.1s MSTP).

A spokesperson for the company said, “Our research and development team listened to our customer’s feedback and suggestions and launched the DIN Rail Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch. The industrial switch series has no additional hardware investment and installation cost and is easy to use. The Ethernet switch helps to improve Improved data integrity while keeping costs low. Companies have different advanced management options that they to choose to deploy such as real-time monitoring, centralized management, Bandwidth allocation or Layer 2 to Layer 4 QoS.”

The company’s comprehensive portfolio of products includes Managed Lite Series, Layer 2 Plus Managed Series, and Layer 2 plus Managed Max Series. People interested in their product can contact their professional team using the information below.

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Founded in 2008, Fiberroad is committed to developing, manufacturing, and selling premium network communication products. Our company specializes in fiber optical technologies, Industrial Ethernet technologies, and broadband access technologies. With cutting-edge technology and high-quality service as the driving force, Fiberroad has grown to become a top global equipment supplier of innovative solution in the telecommunications market.

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