Gaining Momentum By Amy Elise Reichert

September 21 14:03 2022
Gaining Momentum By Amy Elise Reichert

“All cats and horses referenced in this book are real and are as spoiled as they sound.”

In most autobiographies, you’re born in a certain place. You live around here and there and go through the basics of birth, adolescence, partnership, career, and death. Amy’s life pretty much follows these traditional lines. For the most part, she has lived through each one of these cycles. Yes, that’s right – lived through. She has been given life and has become a human being.

She has gone through every cycle but death. She has continued to live, amending, re-working, and changing. Sometimes she has made the same exact mistakes over and over again. She goes on, repeating life at the busiest intersections, the crossroads, and each time choosing another path or the same one – trying to come to the end of her story. In this respect, her life appears unique, or at least she has not met anyone yet willing to admit they’ve been through it all before.

She grew up being wary of people. She avoided social situations as much as possible if she couldn’t ignore them altogether. She came across as snotty, closed off, even an ice princess, but the truth was she couldn’t handle any more humanly created pain.


Amy E. Reichert is a professional writer, including novels, blogs, and articles. She lives at the border of the suburb and farm country in the western USA.

Amy is an avid reader, writer, researcher, googler, and pet mom. She lives with her spouse of 36 years, Robin Bowersock. Together they manage a small acreage of cats, dogs, horses, and an occasional wild visitor.

Amy strongly believes in caring for animals and supports spay/neuter clinics and animal support organizations. She claims her number one accomplishment in life is getting her feral cat colony 100% spayed or neutered and vaccinated.

Amy’s autobiography is an inspirational read. To read the complete story of the author Amy Elise Reichert, get a copy of “GAINING MOMENTUM” from Amazon today! 

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