Comfy-TV Airs in NYC on Channel WNYN 30.1

October 19 11:30 2022
Comfy-TV Airs in NYC on Channel WNYN 30.1

Comfy-TV Airs in NYC on Channel WNYN 30.1

New York, NY – Channel WNYN Across New York metro-area and beyond, where countless people ‘cutting-the-cord,’ due to the high cost of cable, are now rediscovering the joys of free TV, thanks to a brand-new, pioneering TV network broadcast provider. Channel 30.1, Comfy-TV, brings in your favorite sitcoms, movies and sports, that include Pro-baseball leagues!

Comfy-TV with Maybacks other channels, will also broadcast on WNYN, also as iSports Zone on channel 30.2 bringing you exciting sports that includes Baseball from the European leagues, with women’s European softball teams, as well as, Roller blading, and high profile MMA fights coming to you live. Don’t forget, race car events; watching Indianapolis 500 footage, famous close-call explosions, flips and nitro-car races with souped-up cars, and boats, with action sports and interviews, 24-hours a day!

The other channels include, Movie Giants, on 30.3 And Winnies’ World for kids on Channel 30.4. 

With households hit-hard by rising costs—and cable subscriptions costing more and more—millions are ready to ‘cut the cord’ and relive the ‘good ole’ days of free Prime-time TV. Maybacks Global & Showfer Media are making that transition possible by delivering first-class entertainment readily available at no cost, connecting to as many communities as possible. 

Viewers can enjoy a comprehensive and growing package of diversified family entertainment channels that put quality first. Maybacks Global & Showfer Media deliver a variety of network channels dedicated to sports, movies, sci-fi, westerns, children’s programming…and much more. 

All channels on the network can be accessed for free through Smart TV apps or received directly by a small TV antenna. As a result, connecting millions that can tune into wonderful programming without having to pay through the nose! 

David Zucker of David Zucker Productions, spearheads rebroadcasting for many station owners and joins Maybacks Global and the creation of this new era of the Hybrid-Local broadcast TV. He says: 

“Free, quality TV is back. No more spending of hundreds per month seeking news, sports and entertainment.  Maybacks and Showfer connects millions of viewers to programming that meets their demands, 24-hours a day, plus innovative sports coverage, motor racing, top branded fashion runway, and more—all beamed directly into your living room. It’s a revolution! Keep connected, join us and see how people enjoy TV in the 21st century, take charge of your destiny, follow the pioneers and the re-branding of free TV!” 

The secret of the networks’ success is working in partnership with TV broadcasters, along with broadcast technology specialists such as, LocalBTV. The results are ground breaking! New entertainment packages delivering multiple targeted channel programming, offering millions of people free access to the kind of TV that they will love. 

The networks can now be accessed across America, from New York to Los Angeles. Yet this is just the start. Maybacks Global Ent. has been pioneering partnerships in Asia that extend its reach on a global scale. This new era, of free quality TV, is only the beginning of keeping people connected to the news and shows they want to see.  Making America better and – helping people help themselves.

About the Company:

Maybacks Global Entertainment LLC. and David Zucker Productions, are specialists in broadcasting, founded by veterans with decades of industry experience. The company leveraging new technology change, with superb content curation to deliver a unique, inspiring entertainment experience for all.

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