MacQwerty plans to enter the global market, starting with Macqwerty EU

October 20 08:12 2022

The MacQwerty Fund announced that MAcQwerty will enter the global business, starting with MacQwerty EU.

MacQwerty actively expands its global operations. In addition to Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Australia, the service will be provided to Korea, Japan, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. To provide service to those countries, MacQwerty said that it would satisfy global investors by creating a segmented management plan strategy that suits the local culture of each country.

The industry expects that Macqwerty EU’s global business expansion strategy will show tangible results this year. Macqwerty has entered the Asian market and has been accelerating its entry into the Asian market.

Macqwerty is aggressively expanding its global market and influence by establishing Macqwerty EU. Additionally, Macqwerty EU announced that it has obtained an investment company license in Cyprus.

The industry explains that it is unusual for one of CJK tech companies to hold a CySEC license in Cyprus and an Indonesian license at the same time. MacQwerty can offer a variety of financial security derivatives, including CFD Securities Global Equity Options and Volatility Financial Products.

A Macqwerty official said, “If you invest in overseas funds that invest in multiple countries, your overall financial portfolio is stable. Overseas funds provide opportunities for next-generation industries such as e-commerce, social media, EV(electric vehicles), cybersecurity, and cloud computing. By investing in these funds, you can automatically hedge against the INR.”

A Macqwerty official continued, “India’s economy may not perform well in investment due to some domestic factors. However, unlike India, the global economy can produce good investment results. Under such circumstances, investing in overseas funds can diversify geographically.”

Macqwerty head officer said, “You must always be well aware of the local markets around the world to be able to respond to the unique needs and objectives of our customers in their own markets.”

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