Book Two Of Vampire Series Becomes An Instant Best Seller

October 20 09:45 2022

Fernando Rivera Launches His Newest Book: Dissent and Desoulation | His Blood & Silver Series – Book 2.

On September 9, 2022, critically acclaimed Mexican-American actor and writer, Fernando Rivera, released his latest book, Dissent and Desoulation, through Amazon, becoming an immediate Best Seller! The description reads:

“A lot has changed since Manny Stockton refused the Demiguard’s legacy and escaped the clutches of Judas Iscariot. For starters, his name isn’t Manny anymore. It’s Oran. And he’s no longer a half-human Daemon. He’s a Disciple of the Afterliving, a true follower of Jesus Christ. Now a year into Discipleship, a determined Oran is one step away from finalizing his late father’s inheritance and taking over Stockton Farms. All he has left to do is sire a human of his own and the Stockton fortune will be his. But offering his immortal blood to the right candidate proves no easy decision.

Oran’s prayers are answered after a chance reunion with a trusted friend, someone Oran is confident he can baptize, and he deviates from his Sire’s guidance for a brief return to his former life in San Diego. But the long-awaited homecoming is far from welcoming. With Lycains at his heels, Conduits on his tail, and vampires around every corner, Oran realizes he can never go back to the way things were. Nor can he trust the people closest to him—not his Sire, his mother, his best friend… Not even himself.

But can he trust the Afterliving? Can Oran trust the belief that saved him as a Daemon to overcome the doubt that plagues him as a Disciple? Or will he dissent, like so many immortals before him, and join the desolate ranks of the Fallen?”  QUOTE FROM AUTHOR: “His Blood & Silver Series is not for the faint of heart, nor for the easily offended. It’s a saga that turns religion on its head, encouraging the reader to doubt, trust, or question their own belief system—right along with the characters living within its pages—and the deeper you dive into the story, the harder it becomes to choose which side is right and which side is just playing God,” shares Fernando.

Allegra Lamison’s enthusiastic five-star review reads, in part “…The plot is fast-paced and fascinating, and readers may stay up all night like I did, just to find out what happens next. I highly recommend Dissent and Desoulation for fans of tales of the fantastical-hidden-in-plain-sight. You won’t be disappointed by the ending, but be forewarned—it will leave you wanting more!”   Get your copy today!

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