JDBOT – Tracking the block chain “Data is power”

October 20 06:32 2022

JDBot is a project that collects and analyzes live data on the Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum Blockchain and will be presenting it in an easy to use app.

The goal of JDBot is to make the crypto space more transparent and to give our users an advantage over other traders. 

To achieve this, JDBot tracks and scans all buy and sell transactions that run via Pancakeswap with the help of 2 private nodes and an extremely complex backend. Currently – after filtering out scam tokens and stable coins – this is an average of more than 200,000 transactions per day. Every buy and sell is stored and analyzed in our database. 

In the future, the tracking will be extended to the whole Binance Smart Chain and also the ETH Blockchain to collect even more data and completely cover the two most important blockchains. 

The possibilities to process and construe the data and make it useful are almost infinite.

The Problem 

Fighting your way through the jungle of www.bscscan.com is extremely time consuming. The cluttered structure makes it nearly impossible to track the trades of individual wallets in a reasonable amount of time. To manually pick out the profitable or loss-making wallet from over 200,000 buy and sell trades every day is impossible.

The Solution

Finding Interesting Wallets

A smart logic in our backend compares every single buy and sell transaction of the different wallets and draws a conclusion. With the amount of data, it is quickly apparent which wallets have a good trading behavior and earn a lot of profits. The most profitable wallets are presented on a ranking list and you can follow their trades. In the future, notifications on the DApp are planned when one of these wallets invests in a project.

Quality of Holders

Our database stores and distinguishes between:

1. Traders who make more than 10x sells on average. 

2. Traders who sell on average with loss

3. Traders who sell on average between 1 and 1.5x

4. Traders who do not meet any of these criteria

On the DApp you can scan a token of your choice and get an analysis of the holders based on these criteria. This is an important tool and can significantly influence the development of the token price. 

Deployer Wallets

An automated analysis of which wallet generated the token and which are its previous projects supports your decision to invest in the project or not. You will have the opportunity to follow interesting deployer wallets. In the future we will implement a function that will send you notifications when the wallets you follow generate a new token. Be the first to know about it! 

The Lack of Graphical Representation

A graphical representation of the trades of certain wallets gives extremely revealing and interesting information. We will offer our users exactly that. 

Selective Presale Options

We will develop a launchpad where whitelisting is possible based on the previous trading behavior. Project developers can choose which of the categorized wallets are allowed to participate in a presale and which are not. A good quality of presale investors is the basic requirement for a successful launch of a project. 

Website: https://www.jdbot.info

Telegram: https://t.me/JDBportal

Twitter: http://twitter.com/jdbot_official

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