How To Design A Successful Glass Perfume Bottle?

October 20 18:04 2022

We all know two important parts of perfume products, the scent and the packaging bottle. The perfume bottle design is as important as scent design, but do you know how is a successful perfume bottle designed? Do you know why some kinds of perfume share the similar bottles of whisky and vodka ? Wanna make your 20ml perfume glass bottle or 50ml perfume glass bottle stand out and share the lucrative perfume industry ?Learning from the cosmetic giants is good for new players.

Thanks to the sharing of perfume creative designer, we can take a glance at how cosmetic giants forge a new perfume.

How is a perfume bottle designed? First, you need to know the project work process for creating a bottle of perfume. It’s hard to present all of them here, but you can learn about the structure of management process by a simple diagram.

Perfume project work process

The “designer perfume brand” system unveils the first layer of mystery in the perfume industry. The process is like refining a perfume or making a wine, from beginning to end, back and forth, and it can go on and on until the idea and the plan are perfected in one go. Designer Della Chuang’s works such as Tom Ford Black Orchid and Ralph Lauren Polo Blue cost two years, and when She recall her life at that time, the days were either shadowy and dark or full of precious blue, almost even eating and sleeping were in an exhilarating creative flow of blue and black.

Next is the creative process of perfume design. In addition to maintaining a “best buddies” relationship with the operations team and constantly consulting on the operational concept of the fragrance, the creative department’s focus is mainly on ——

l Helping the brand designer to translate his tangible fashion vision into an intangible scent concept and then package it into a fragrance that offers the consumer a vision and a dream.

l To evoke the perfumer’s creative inspiration with words and visuals, so that his or her emotionally charged fragrance ideas flow in a neat channel, with color, rhythm and structure. The creative process of perfume design is complex and complicated, again, the following simple illustration will give you an initial understanding of the perfume bottle design process: the creative process of perfume design has two main focuses.

The creative process of perfume design is complex and complicated, again, the following simple illustration gives you an initial understanding of the perfume bottle design process:

perfume creative process 

The perfume design creative process has two key points.

The brand designer is dominant on the creative process of designer perfume brand

Basically before the fragrance idea is developed, the visual concept has already taken shape first. Take Tom Ford Black Orchid as an example, the mysterious and sexy image of the goddess has been the focus of the creative team (perfume creative designers/creative directors and perfumers) from the beginning, and any visual or olfactory creativity done afterwards is 100% in conveying the mood and plot that Mr. Ford wants to convey.

The perfume is the soul, the design is the skeleton

The perfumer and designer complement each other, working together in a most seamless way. Therefore, when the perfume bottle design is approved by the manager, I will definitely show the work to the perfumer, because as far as perfumery is concerned, color has a significant position, especially for the transparent glass bottle, the beauty, transparency, and stability of the perfume shade is definitely key aspects cannot be ignored. For example, after deciding on the color of the Tom Ford for Men perfume bottle to be clear and colorless, the color of the perfume is one of the main visual keys to convey masculinity. The designer scoured all the whiskey stores in New York City, big and small, in search of a color that would look and feel like a warm, fragrant liquid flowing down my throat. But once the color of the fragrance was decided, she had to meet with the perfumer to decide if the combination of ingredients used in the fragrance would blend with the color she wanted. Indeed, there are different approaches to the same theme of perfume ideas. The approach determines how the idea is created, what the idea is about, and what the perfume will look like in the end.

The biggest challenge in designing a “designer fragrance brand” is that — maintain the visual identity of the brand while still being able to constantly innovate.

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