Keep up with the Hitchhiker of Star to open the Halloween cosmic journey

October 22 06:12 2022

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People are entering the Web3 world. Different from the centralized feature of Web2, Web3 serves users and belongs to them. In this rapidly changing and highly competitive field, NFT, represented by in-game items and encrypted collectibles, is gradually standing out among the various Web3 products.

How NFT became a popular Web 3 product?

Non-homogenized token, also known as NFT, is a novel digital asset that remains in the early stage of development with countless potential use scenarios: ownership of any other unique and scarce thing representing tokenized physical assets, rare digital resources, stocks, etc. Among them, in-game items and crypto collectibles are currently the most common and most used types of NFT.

NFT retains ultimate IP ownership for the creator and allows the creator to profit from it. For fans, the liquidity of NFT also makes it an investment tool. Consequently, more and more artists and enthusiasts are frantically flocking into the NFT market, making it a new trend that is catching on worldwide and even being physically pasted onto walls around the world. Well-known brands in luxury goods, sports and movies, as well as Internet giants such as Instagram and Twitter, have seized the opportunity to launch NFTs that fit their respective styles and gain profit from the popularity of their followers, with great success.

About Hitchhiker of Star

Hitchhiker of Star is the first 3D robotic NFT art collection with the theme of interstellar odyssey. It tells the story of the Hitchhikers who set up a camp on Earth after the decay of interstellar energy and travel the galaxy in search of the original energy, with the ultimate goal of eliminating hierarchy, saving the stars, and building a beautiful and equal universe of web3 world. Hitchhiker of Star is a perfect embodiment of web3 culture. The 5550 images of robots are distinguished as royalty, warriors, and civilians, but all the different images are equal in status.

It’s not just about money and art, it’s also a way to express the emotional resonance of a certain group of people who share the same values. If Azuki is a symbol of rebellious individuality and two-dimensional culture, and CryptoPunk is a symbol of the crypto-punk movement, the spiritual core of Hitchhiker of Star is exceptionally pure among the various NFT projects: love and peace. In a certain sense, love and peace represent a very grand vision. Whether it is “love” or “peace”, they themselves represent a spiritual concept that is applicable to all aspects of the field.

The universe is infinite and as crazy as it sounds, the entire universe emerged from a point smaller than a single atom. As an expedition in the universe, the Hitchhikers also take “Earth” as their camp. Each sub-team spontaneously shares the work, explores the universe, collects energy ores, and establishes business networks. During this period, they will go through difficulties and hazards, conflicts and wars that are inevitable. That’s why the Hitchhikers need to constantly adapt new weapons and tools to meet the security needs of universe exploration.

Hitchhiker of Star: Space Exploration was conceived in this context, and the accessories represented by the Wizard Hat will be available on OpenSea on October 21, which is also the first batch of Space Exploration. With the Halloween carnival coming up, Hitchhiker of Star is launching a Halloween party event starting on October 21, which includes: October 21st Limited offer of Wizard Hat NFT.

This will be a carnival event for Hitchhikers!

Among them, it is worth mentioning that the newly launched Hitchhiker of star – Space Exploration series has the potential to become a pop-up maker, with mysterious wizard hats, magic wands with great power, and exquisite Halloween-themed 3D NFT artworks that will be presented in front of all people.

[Limited offer of 3 Wizard Hat NFTs]

On October 21th, Hitchhiker of Star: Space Exploration will land on OpenSea officially for sale. As powerful weapons for Hitchhikers to embark on a cosmic adventure to explore the depths of the universe with ease, in search of the most valuable space resources!

Hitchhiker of Star will be more community-oriented in the future

NFT trading platforms like OpenSea are the main battleground of NFT projects, and the strength of the community is the key to an NFT’s success. Hitchhiker of Star comes with its own hot topics: aliens, Star Trek, cosmic adventure, war, peace and love. No matter which keyword is individually presented, it creates a buzz. So users with the same hobby, either spontaneously or under official guidance, set up a community DAO, and feed back to release the greater value of NFT.

Web3 is still in its infancy, but the development momentum is rapid. However, as an auspicious project in the field of NFT, Hitchhiker of Star does not lag behind, and people will see more entities presented in the future. As ecological improvement continues, more possibilities are being explored.

Everyone is a Hitchhiker, Hitchhiker is everyone. Hitchhiker stands for love and justice, a passion for life and a positive, adventurous approach to life. Over time, Hitchhiker of Star has fostered a unique and vibrant community that, at its core, is more than just NFT itself; it has become an amazing place where all community users can live their real lives and feel real change.

As Halloween approaches, discussions on related topics are heating up on social media. Hitchhiker of Star is coming.




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