Ehab Mohamed, MD. Offers Fascinating Revolution of Diabetes Cure, Remission and Prevention in Real Diabetes Cure And Prevention

October 24 07:15 2022

Passionate medical professional, Ehab Mohamed, MD, releases “Real Diabetes Cure And Prevention,” a revolutionary new exciting book about type 2 diabetes cure and prevention

Ehab Mohamed, MD. might just be disrupting the healthcare space with the release of his eye-opening book titled Real Diabetes Cure And PreventionThe former visiting assistant professor at MD Anderson Cancer Center practically probes the medical field in the book, asking “why over 34 million Americans with type 2 diabetes in the US are still treated as having an irreversible progressive disease that ends up with coronary artery disease, blindness, renal failure, amputations, and 6 years less in life span when there is a cure for diabetes type 2 in just 8-12 weeks.”

Type 2 diabetes remains one of the most popular health challenges faced by millions of people in different parts of the world. Over the years, several solutions have been developed to help patients manage the situation, with no particular medication to cure diabetes type 2. However, Ehab Mohamed, MD. seems to have other ideas about type 2 diabetes judging by the revelation in his Real Diabetes Cure And Prevention.

According to the author, type 2 diabetes can be cured and induced into remission without relying on medications whatsoever, demonstrating how he cured his diabetes in just 8 weeks. Ehab details 4 major ways of curing diabetes type 2 using a low-calorie diet, low-carb diet, gastric bypass surgery, and exercise based on scientific evidence. The revelations are based on several hundred randomized clinical trials, with 46 to 100% of patients showing diabetes remission and reversal. The author also explains the puzzle of recommendation guidelines of 2022 by the American Medical Association, which allegedly focuses on managing the disease as opposed to curing diabetes type 2. He also offers a detailed description of how to prevent the disease.

Real Diabetes Cure And Prevention is currently available on all major platforms, including Amazon and directly on his website for readers in the United States and other parts of the world.

About Ehab Mohamed, MD

Ehab Mohamed, MD is a medical professional who entered medical school at age of 16 and graduated top of his class. He did Ob/Gyn residency at Ain Shams University becoming an assistant professor before going to the United States as visiting assistant professor at MD Anderson Cancer Center. In 2002, he started practicing cosmetic laser surgery in Beverly Hills and became world known cosmetic surgeon.

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