Dialogue with Pekka Kelkka, continue to be optimistic about the underlying NFT trading platform, and jointly promote the development of the industry

October 24 11:18 2022

Interview: Blue Finance

Interviewee: Pekka Kelkka, CEO of Metahub

As of October 2022, Metahub has completed the development of the world’s first Lego-style underlying NFT trading platform. Committed to reducing the minting, trading, circulation and other aspects of NFT participation threshold. As an open platform for the underlying trading of NFT, Metahub provides a variety of functional templates for creators. Creators can freely build the NFT infrastructure like putting together LEGO, and show their NFT with maximum freedom.

Pekka Kelkka once said, “In the future, everyone will have their own brand of NFT. I hope that anyone who is interested in digital art can become a member of Metahub. To this end, we have lowered the entry threshold of NFT creation, transaction, distribution and other aspects to provide users with a perfect NFT foundation. To give every creator the freedom to create and showcase their own NFTS and move the industry forward together.”

As the CEO of Metahub, Pekka Kelkka has 6 years of working experience in the blockchain field. He is an expert in blockchain and cryptography. Today, we are honored to invite Pekka Kelkka to visit Blue Finance and discuss in detail Pekka Kelkka’s views on NFT and the development of Metahub.

Photo: MetahubCEO – Mr Pekka Kelkka

Here is the transcript:

1. Blue Finance: You were in the NFT race before it exploded. How did you judge that NFT would explode?

Pekka Kelkka: At the time, I wasn’t sure that the NFT was going to be a huge hit, and now it’s doing much better than I thought it would. A digital work selling for $69 million at Christie’s may seem mind-boggling to the layman, but to me, it all makes sense.

NFTS can be traced back to CryptoPunks, which have sold for an average of $121,000. At that time I had a hunch that the next air outlet must belong to NFT! Indeed, in 2020, following the outbreak of DeFi, NFT welcomed the first wave of upsurge. In 2021, NFT continued to expand its circle, integrated with traditional markets, entertainment media and other markets, and the forms of assets became more and more diverse, with obvious spillover effect. I am sure I made a wise choice then. The ancestors step start layout, I think the biggest reason is that I work in this industry for many years, has accumulated many experiences, have mastered a large number of precious resources, let I can quick step than others to get the key information, accurate grasp details, judge the direction of the wind, I think this is let I dare to layout NFT early key.

2. Blue Finance: What made you want to create a platform like Metahub?

Pekka KelkkaWe didn’t set out to create such an NFT trading platform because there were already many NFT trading platforms on the market, including OpenSea. Slowly we discovered the limitations of these platforms. Almost all of them have a common problem, which is that they are very unfriendly to the average creator. In fact, many outsiders also want to enter the NFT field, including the traditional art field, entertainment field, film and television field, they also want to publish their own NFT works, but the high technical threshold makes them afraid, and the high commission also further hinders the development of creators. Therefore, we have come up with the idea of creating an underlying trading platform for all creators and NFTS. As long as people are interested in NFT, they can join the field of NFT and feel the beauty of NFT. Even if they have no experience, even if they do not understand the complex blockchain operation, they can feel free to give full play to their creativity.

3. Blue Finance: From the early idea to the official landing of Metahub platform, what difficulties have you experienced in the process, and how did you solve them?

Pekka KelkkaYes, we did experience a lot of difficulties in this process, because it is not easy to develop a mature NFT trading platform, the workload and difficulty are very big.

Our original concept of creating Metahub is to achieve zero threshold open to all creators, which means that Metahub must provide convenient functional templates, so that creators can also meet their creative needs through the templates provided by Metahub without having to master complex blockchain technology. To this end, we invested a total of $2 million in research and development expenses, hired many senior technical engineers, repeated testing and polishing, and finally launched Metahub. Its main function – 2 big infrastructure and advanced functions, base functions including the creation of exhibition space, create NFT trading platform, advanced features include, a custom template, custom payment, custom NFT sales way, release the custom block chain, issued tokens, these functions can meet the demand of 80% of the creation, To a certain extent, it met the goals we set out to achieve, but we felt it was not enough. In order to make the product more sophisticated, we have introduced professional and platform versions on top of the basic and premium versions, covering all NFT-related needs. By October this year, Metahub all application functions have been developed, a large number of R&D funds and technical engineers team repeated testing and modification, the achievement of today’s Metahub.

4. Blue Finance: For you, what is the key to Metahub’s success in the competitive NFT arena?

Pekka Kelkka:First of all, I believe that Metahub’s core strengths lie in its five businesses, which are the key to making Metahub stand out. The NFT sale business has a variety of sales options, with higher royalties for secondary sales; One key casting trading platform, the operation is very simple; Metahub auction adopts Dutch auction and English auction, which can maximize the value of NFT. NFT casting has many functional templates, functions can be randomly matched, high degree of freedom, finally NFT purchase support multi-chain choice, a variety of payment methods are more flexible.

The second is the background strength of Metahub. Now Metahub has basically completed its globalization layout. Our operation headquarters is in Dubai, and main companies will be set up in Singapore and the UK. The realization of global community linkage, high-value growth, so that everyone can join the tide of NFT dividend, which is also the source of power for Metahub to continue to move forward and overcome all kinds of difficulties.

Photo: Metahub Singapore Company Registration licence

Finally, Metahub always adhere to the humanized function setting, always adhere to the user experience in the first place of platform development, based on this, we improve the one-click minting transaction function. You know, there are a lot of high-end players in the NFT space, and they are very eager to create their own trading platform, but it’s very difficult for individuals. We saw this need and continued to innovate on the existing basic functional templates so that high-end NFTS can create their own NFT trading platform through the platform template. The whole process is done through the template, which is very convenient. Including the pledge and distribution model proposed by Metahub, it also integrates traditional gameplay innovation into the NFT field. All of them, whether template or gameplay, uphold the principle of “improving user experience”. I think this is the fundamental reason why Metahub can stand out and be favored by the market.

5. Blue Finance, Metahub is so popular in the market, is there any plan to open financing later?

Pekka Kelkka: Actually, Metahub is expected to open an angel round of financing in November this year. With a market value of 30 million US dollars, we will open 10% of the angel round of financing to further promote the globalization process, so that our business can cover all corners of the world, achieve global community linkage, high value growth, and allow everyone to join the NFT bonus In the tide, this is also the driving force for Metahub to keep moving forward and overcome all kinds of difficulties.

6. Blue Finance, the pledge and distribution model you just mentioned is a very novel play in the field of NFT, can you talk about it in detail?

Pekka Kelkka:Pledge is also a kind of trading transaction. Let me give you an example. For example, the little bee logo of our Metahub platform is an NFT commodity, which is issued on the Metahub platform. Users can pledge in Taiwan dollars, such as NID, in exchange for NFT.

Distribution model is our special research and development of a distribution system, such as a bottle of red wine, users can use Metahub provide distribution system to sell wine, there are many Settings in the system, including the different conditions, different grades, different level set different straight push, push the distribution proportion between, can be customized, When an item enters the distribution system, the distribution users and revenue can be viewed in real time. Considering the large number of users on our platform, whether it is NFT distribution or wine distribution, the demand is always there, so this is also a special feature we launched for user demand.

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