What Is The Role Of Carbon Fiber Heating Elements In Heating Clothing?

October 24 08:58 2022

With the continuous R&D and expansion of heating elements, carbon fiber is mostly used as the material for commercial heating clothing at this stage. We have summarized the carbon fiber heating clothing. In addition to good heating effect, the far infrared emissivity of carbon fiber heating clothing is as high as 0.95%. At 1.5-12V low voltage, it has good heating performance and high safety. It can use batteries or mobile power supplies to provide power.


(1) Function of carbon fiber heating elementThe carbon fiber heating element is especially suitable for special work protective clothing in extremely cold working environment, such as outdoor clothing of the armed police force, soldiers, high-altitude mountaineering clothing, cold storage work clothing, submarine work clothing, etc. The heating temperature of this kind of clothing is generally around 407 to meet the comfort of human body. In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, hot compress therapy plays an important role. About 55% of the patients can achieve the effect of heat therapy, expand blood vessels, relax muscles and bones, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and relax muscles, tendons and ligaments. Therefore, the application of carbon fiber fabric to specific human body parts, such as waist, knee, shoulder, etc., can improve the blood circulation of the human body and achieve the effect of hot compress therapy.


(2) The carbon fiber heating elements are divided into three categories according to the preparation method:(1) The conductive coating is formed by mixing the superfine carbon powder and the superfine carbon fiber powder, and then the conductive coating is coated on the plastic film or fabric to form a carbon surface heater;(2) The heating element adopts carbon fiber paper as the surface heating body;(3) The heating element takes carbon fiber fabric as the surface heating body.(3) After a detailed analysis of the power supply of carbon fiber heating elements, five requirements are proposed:(1) The power supply voltage shall be lower than the human safety voltage;(2) The power supply shall have enough capacitance to ensure that the electric heating can last for more than 2 hours;(3) The power supply shall be small, light and easy to carry;(4) The power supply has a long life and can be reused for more than 100 times;(5) The power supply should be low in costThe intelligent heating clothing with carbon fiber heating elements is an important part of intelligent clothing, which can provide active warmth for people living and working in low temperature environment, improve the thermal comfort of the wearer, and local active warm clothing can effectively relieve the pain of patients with rheumatic diseases, and improve the quality of life of people.


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