From Military To Millionaire Jay Lee Gives Back To Society By Teaching His Proven Strategy To Generational Wealth

October 26 09:15 2022

Jay Lee is a US Navy Veteran and serial Entrepreneur. Jay is the CEO of the Dream Life Academy, a platform he created to educate people on the value and importance of passive income. As the CEO of multiple businesses and a business consultant Jay has taken brand new businesses to over 20 million in yearly sales. Working with some of the biggest names in the Entrepreneur space he is now bringing his talents and knowledge to the masses.

Early LifeGrowing up in a single income family Jay never had the latest and greatest toys, clothes, or luxuries. He ended up with the wrong crowd and was constantly in and out of trouble. Spending his teenage years involved in gangs and drugs he watched as his friends went to jail or died. Not wanting to end up like everyone around him Jay made a quick decision that he had to make it out of the neighborhood. 

At age 19 he joined the US Navy, he spent 20 years of his life in service to our country and learned how to lead, create systems, and most of all he learned people. Jay started buying properties at every location he got stationed and when he would transfer to a new location he would keep that property and turn it into a rental and make positive cash flow. He learned how working a career was an exchange of time for money and that there was a way to use money to make more money and not waste his time in exchange for a wage. At his 18th year in service with a few properties under his belt Jay wanted to learn more about Real Estate investing and started working with mentors and learning the ins and outs of Real Estate investments. He then got his Real Estate license and started his own Real Estate company. After a distinguished 20 career in the military Jay knew that he wanted more for his life and his family. He started a Real Estate investment firm and holding company. From there up was the only direction he could go. He started adding to his Real Estate portfolio in states across the Nation. Finding the best locations to invest with low overhead and high profit margins. 

Jay’s perfect formula for wealth building

There are a lot of investors in the world, and few have mastered their craft to the level at which Jay Lee has. Jay says “The most important thing he has found in his journey to creating wealth is a positive mind set. Self doubt creates a false ceiling that stops you from success. Second is setting goals, writing them down and placing them in view. Doing so makes the goal real and tangible. There is time blocking, protecting your time for work with no distractions as well as leisure and family time. The whole point of gaining wealth through passive income is to not exchange time for money, but to put your money to work to create more money. Fourth is systems and processes that allow you leverage, again saving you time so that you can spend your time how you want when you want. Finding the discipline to keep your mindset and time blocking allows you to focus and use the leverage to accomplish your goals.”

Once you are held accountable for your goals and take the actions necessary to being successful there really is only one option. Create your own success.

“I didn’t come from money, I didn’t have the resources or privilege that others had growing up to ensure my success. I had to break the mold, I had to sacrifice years of my life to educate myself, put in the work, and build this from the ground up. There is no such thing as a get rich quick solution. You have two options: sacrifice time for money or spend money to make money. And those two options are not independent. Normally when someone starts off they don’t have money to invest so the only option is to invest their time. Once that time creates money they can then switch from exchanging time for money to growing more money from money.”

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