Digital Real Estate Entrepreneur Nick Wood Launches Online Course Community Digital Landlords

October 26 12:06 2022
Digital Real Estate Entrepreneur Nick Wood Launches Online Course Community Digital Landlords

The globalization of the internet has changed the business landscape across nearly every industry and sector, and the world of real estate is no exception. But rather than the traditional understanding of real estate such as owning land and buildings, the industry of digital real estate has perhaps become just as valuable in the modern age. Owning digital assets and virtual domains on the internet has created a plethora of opportunities for entrepreneurs who know how to navigate the space, and entrepreneur Nick Wood has already made his mark. Known as “The King of Digital Real Estate,” Wood has become a notable name in the digital real estate space, and is now solidifying that status with the recent launch of his already-thriving online course community, Digital Landlords.

A self-professed “money-hungry dreamer”, Nick Wood has spent the last several years building what is now a multi-7-figure digital real estate empire. His rapid rise to the top of the digital real estate game has motivated him to help others achieve financial freedom and flexibility in their own careers, and has launched Digital Landlords to teach others how to make life-changing passive income by creating, owning, and selling digital real estate online. 

However, contrary to popular belief, Nick Wood did not build his multi-million dollar empire overnight. In fact, before his successful ventures in the realm of digital real estate, Wood landed himself $60,000 in debt after a couple of failed tech ventures in his 20’s. However, after discovering the vast potential of the digital real estate space, he managed to not only pay off his debts entirely but propel himself forward into a million dollar career. Wood’s idea to launch his Digital Landlords course community was born from his winding journey of scaling his digital real estate investments upwards of seven figures in less than a year’s time. Digital Landlords now has over 300 students learning Nick Wood’s tried-and-true strategies, with hundreds of success stories of students becoming their own boss and making impressive passive income online through Wood’s methods of digital real estate and lead generation.

Through Digital Landlords, Nick Wood has created a community of “digital hustlers” as he refers to his students, an ambitious group of “landlords” who are being equipped with Wood’s business strategies backed by his personal experience and breadth of knowledge in the emerging industry. And rather than a humdrum course for salesmen, Digital Landlords boasts an exciting and at times eccentric atmosphere that caters to the energy and ambition of the modern digital hustle. With a curriculum personally developed and instructed by Nick Wood himself, the online course is quickly becoming a crucial resource in the digital real estate space and boasts a large number of case studies showing the success of the program for its students.

“The proof is in the pudding,” says Digital Landlords founder and CEO Nick Wood. “The reason we’ve had so much success so early is because it actually works.” 

Wood is quickly becoming a major player in the digital real estate industry and is proving that his moniker as “King of Digital Real Estate” is well-deserved. Moving forward, Wood says Digital Landlords will continue to cater to each of its students and help them succeed. “This is the best business model on the internet,” says Wood confidently. “If someone is looking to break out of the 8am-5pm rat race and make passive income from their phone or laptop, they’d be hard-pressed to find a better model than this in my opinion.”

Currently, the company shares the success of its students on the official Digital Landlords websites, littered with screenshots from the brand’s private Facebook group for members where students can share their excitement as they close deal after deal. More and more people are discovering the promise of digital real estate daily, and Digital Landlords is staking its claim as one of the first online courses and communities to specialize in teaching its money-making methods to, as Wood puts, “anyone with Wi-Fi and some hustle.”

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