Travel Immunization Clinic Clari Health Opening First Branches in the United States

October 26 18:15 2022
Travelers planning to visit other regions of the world can secure the proper immunizations to maintain travel health at convenient locations as Clari Health opens its first branches in Seattle.

From Yellow Fever to Typhoid fever and Japanese Encephalitis vaccines, travel health specialists, Clari Health, are opening branches in Seattle so world travelers can ensure they have access to the immunizations to keep them safe on their journeys. Traveling to other parts of the world should be exciting, but it does often mean being exposed to potential illnesses one might not be prepared to fight. 

Travel health specialists help people prepare for their upcoming trips by explaining the potential health risks in the area and securing available immunizations to keep travelers safe. 

“It is best that you take the necessary precautions before travel, whether it is in the form of pre-travel vaccination or hygiene practices,” Clari Health founders Thijs Sommen and Emmanuel Dutoit said. “If there is something that we have learnt in the past couple of years, it’s that vaccination is truly an effective means to protect yourself against a wide variety of diseases. Prevention in this particular case is always better than cure.”

Official Yellow Fever vaccination center

Clari Health is an official Yellow Fever vaccination center. Yellow Fever is a lethal disease carried by mosquitos found in South America and Africa. In these areas, infants are routinely immunized for Yellow Fever, but travelers planning to visit an endemic destination need to receive the vaccine. Some countries require a certificate to prove Yellow Fever vaccination. 

Clari Health immunizations

Travelers can receive numerous vaccinations at Clari Health, including:

–  Yellow Fever
–  Rabies
–  Hepatitis A
–  Polio
–  Typhoid Fever
–  Diphtheria
–  Japanese Encephalitis
–  Hepatitis B
–  Meningitis
–  HPV
–  Hajj and Umrah Vaccines

Patients at Clari Health can also consult with travel health specialists to determine an appropriate vaccine package for their destination. 

Know the risks ahead of time

People travel to many places for many reasons. Travelers are exposed to a wide variety of diseases, ranging from Rabies, for those who will be going places where contact with fauna is commonplace, to hepatitis for those who will be around questionable drinking water sources. 

Another common disease that spreads well when people from regions and countries meet is Meningitis. It is for that exact reason that organizations/events where many people meet recommend a meningitis vaccine. This ranges from universities in the USA and abroad that either require or strongly recommend their students to vaccinate to the Saudi government who requires a proof of meningitis vaccination from the millions of Muslim pilgrims that come for either the annual Hajj or the Umrah pilgrimages.

Many of the diseases encountered through the world can impact a person’s trip and even quality of life. Vaccination is always an effective way of mitigating the risk of serious disease.


Travelers should consult with an expert to learn more about other regions of the world ahead of a vacation. Visit the Clari Health website to learn more or schedule travel vaccinations before an upcoming trip.

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