Jim Rogers Believes That China Will Lead The World Again Actively Make Investment Layout of China Racetrack

December 01 02:27 2022

On November 18, 2022, the Rogers Asian Banquet 2022 was successfully organized in Shenzhen, China. During the keynote speech of Mr. Jim Rogers, he expressed his belief that China would lead the world again and he would Actively make investment layout of China Racetrack.

Mr. Jim Rogers is a globally renowned investment master with greatly successful investment experiences in the U.S.A., Austria and Japan. Since he first visit to China in 1984, he has been bullish on China, as he believed that China will rise in the 21st  century and predicted that “the 21st  century is the century of China.” In 2021, Mr. Rogers also wrote specially the book–China Racetrack on account of his own investment in China. This was first visit of Mr. Jim Rogers to China since the outbreak of COVID-19, which was almost three years after he left Wuhan in early 2020. At this time, he chose Shenzhen to organize his first theme banquet, which banquet including several sessions e.g. theme speeches, one-on-one visits, and the dinner, and inviting special guests for in-depth communications. It was reported that this activity was overall planned by Growth China Capital and overall executed by Uniclub, as Futurezon Golf Club and Aristocratic Lady Academy were the co-organizers and Weipai Culture was the executive company.

During the keynote speech of Rogers Asia Banquet, Mr. Rogers indicated that he would still be confident that China would lead the world again after the pandemic of COVID-19. He visited numerous enterprises in Shenzhen, observing that Shenzhen continues its exploration of opening-up and maintains its diligence, as Shenzhen has developed from a small fishing village to an international metropolis 40 years ago by taking advantage of the opportunity of Reform & Opening-up. He firmly believed that, the entire vitality, and the future of China will never be covered as Shenzhen is the epitome of China.

Mr. Rogers said that he would actively arrange his investment layout of China racetrack. During his keynote speech of Rogers Asia Banquet, Mr. Rogers shared with guests on spot the latest information of international markets, e.g. Rogers Commodity Index, and Dollar Index, as well as his past investment experiences in the U.S.A., Austria and Japan. He said that he would actively arranged his layout on the markets of precious metal and commodity, and meanwhile, he would be specially bullish on the Chinese enterprises in regard of culture, tourism, community economy, and consumption. Mr. Rogers indicated his acknowledgement that more than 460 million drivers in China own driving licenses and a total car ownership of over 350 million allows China to be the top of the world. He himself discovered that China would be the future of the world due to his self-driving tour and personal experience in China in the 1980s. Therefore, he suggested that every Chinese, especially young people, should drive cars to travel, explore and study the outside world, to experience, study and understand personally, and then form an independent judgment, instead of following the advice of others. This is the biggest lesson that Mr. Rogers has learned from his experience of over 50-year international investment.

Mr. Rogers believed that the position of financial centre of Hong Kong would be replaced by Shanghai. Although he knew Hong Kong very well and has invested a lot in Hong Kong stocks, he believed that Shanghai will replace Hong Kong to be the international financial center in the Far East by virtue of his study on hundreds of years of economic and financial development history and his confidence in the economic development of mainland China, just as what it was at the beginning of the last century. Mr. Rogers himself visited Shanghai on his first motorcycle tour in China in the 1980s and became one of the first batch of foreigners to buy the B-shares of China.

When sharing his view on the population growth of China, Mr. Rogers said that his best investment is his two daughters. Thus, he appealed that all Chinese should try to have children, and must learn Chinese well, because the best chances will be in China in the future.

As an American, Mr. Rogers also made no secret of his claim that the Government of U.S.A. took wrong policies to China, as he believed that the United States should cooperate with, instead of opposing to China.

At the critical moment in the post-epidemic era and at the beginning of the second chapter of Chinese people’s endeavoring to build the next century, Mr. Rogers’ global-master-class investment sharing and brand-new personal theme conference has attracted great attention and warm welcome from the financial, investment and business communities in Shenzhen and the whole nation, and provided a feast of wisdom to the attendees and China that he was optimistic about. Mr. Rogers expressed that this conference was a great success. By virtue of his over 50 years of international investment experiences, he hoped to continue his cooperation with the hardworking Chinese entrepreneurs, to mutually take the pulse, grasp the trend, seize the opportunity, and win the future! Ms. Roxane Wu, the Chief Broker of Mr. Jim Rogers in China,and Mr. Kention Huang(KK), the Global Executive President of Rogers Asian Banquet, founding partner of Growth China Capital, accompanied Mr. Rogers in the whole course for the conference and visits.

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