How Ezana Skincare Is Revolutionizing The Industry With Adaptive Technology

December 01 02:51 2022
Luxury skincare brand develops an exclusive individualized solution to dark circles and wrinkles

With the skincare industry being flooded with countless products of little-known origin and no clinical backing, it’s becoming even more difficult to find what’s right for your skin. Take into account that everybody’s skin is different and navigating this overflooded market becomes a gamble, at best. This is the problem that founder of Ezana Skincare, Andrei Iancu, and his team are ambitiously solving.

Following the increasingly popular trend of one-product launches, Ezana stays true to their promise for simplicity with the signature Caviar & Gold Eye Mask. The two luxurious ingredients are the backbone of the brand’s big promise – the patented ‘Skin Penetration Technology’.

Although Caviar & Gold have proven themselves as superior and expensive ingredients in the skincare industry, they’ve never been used in combination. Using the tiny molecule size of gold nanoparticles and its unique ability as a carrier for other ingredients, the formula can travel much deeper into the skin, straight to the essential structural cells responsible for aging (a depth that traditional formulas cannot reach) . That’s where the magic happens as the formula uses external DNA to adapt to a person’s individual skin cells, so instead of using a standard formula and just hoping it works, Ezana’s formula adapts to individual needs and addresses dark circles and wrinkles ‘regardless of intensity, colour and location’. If that wasn’t enough, the formula also claims to ‘train cells for long-term resilience’, to provide at least some protection against stressors like blue light.

All of this sounds great in theory, but what are the actual clinical results? Ezana Skincare did have the eye patches evaluated by an independent lab, using 25 participants in a four-week clinical trial (not placebo-controlled). Subjects were tested using the VISIA Complexion Analysis System that uses AI imaging to measure the exact change in fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and many more. The results: 31.22 percent improvement in fine lines and 63.13 percent improvement in dark circles. The experts we asked to review the available clinical information are almost unanimously impressed by the results.

At the moment, Ezana Skincare appears to be the only brand to bring this level of specialization to under eye skincare and we are definitely looking forward to seeing this technology applied to other areas of the face with future product launches. In the meantime, you can find out more about how Ezana can work for you at

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