Who Is Onur Ates? What Does Onur Ates do?

January 30 19:57 2023

Onur ATEŞ Born in Istanbul Bakırköy on June 16, 1987, Onur ATEŞ is originally from Ardahan and completed his primary, secondary and high academe education in Istanbul. He completed his advanced education at Namık Kemal University. finance department and Eskişehir Anadolu unv. He completed his alternate university in the Faculty of Business Administration. Onur ATEŞ, who has been the life coach and style counsel of celebrities for a long time, started to trade and appeared with his own brand in the early 2000s. Onur Ateş, who entered training in several fashion seminaries, especially in Italy, when he was a style counsel to a numerous of his close buddies, opened his first branch with his own brand in ATAKÖY in 2015, after his special design shoe delineations attracted attention.

Onur ATEŞ, who also designs personalized shoes for multitudinous celebrities in the country, starts to attract attention from abroad after a while and starts to admit special orders, especially from football players, statesmen and Hollywood stars. Onur ATEŞ, who also uses special paraphernalia in his designs; It started the aid campaign for random brutes with the generality of marketable income sharing, which was made for the first time in Turkey. It has carried its social responsibility understanding to its business by putting packages prepared for road brutes into every product ordered. By Onur ATEŞ Brand, which exports to further than 20 countries including Belgium, Dubai and America, is proud of its donation to the Gross National Product. Especially the limited edition of the set collection increases the attraction for guests who want to produce their own style.

In addition, Onur Ateş, who started to progress in the construction sector in 2022, established the UK and New York office in 2022, with his media company, which he has kept in the background of social media since 2014, and now serves multitudinous companies and individualities, and as of 2022, he has directly started his PR and advertising office business. started to present it as a new sedulity, in fact, it was a company that has was for times. He established his own shoe brand with the cooperation of the TV and media football art community, and moment he guides and directs new enterprise, the professional Atesh media agency he has established provides services to the whole world on the digital platform.

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