Mobilo Helps Businesses Generate New Leads, Nurture Relationships & Prevent Cold Leads

March 29 11:18 2023
Learn why Mobilo, an innovative business card, is the best tool to generate new leads and revive cold ones.

Making new business connections can be challenging. Finding the right opportunity and creating a good impression is not always easy. Sure, one can always connect with a prospective lead during a conference, but keeping the connection alive and turning it into a business relationship is another story. With Mobilo, making new leads and keeping them active can be as easy as a pie.

Mobilo is an innovative company that produces smart digital business cards that makes networking so much easier with just a single tap. Each Mobilo card has four helpful modes, namely business card mode, landing page mode, lead generation mode, and link to URL mode. Users can switch between these modes at any time, depending on their needs and situation.

It is not a secret that with Mobilo, there is not a challenge that is too difficult to solve. It is designed to streamline contact details sharing and effectively make a great impression. And with its lead generation mode, Mobilo proves to be the best tool for generating new leads, preventing them from getting cold, so users can turn them into profits.

With Mobilo’s lead generation mode, users have a ready digital information card containing all the necessary details about them and their business or company. With a single tap on the smartphone of the prospective lead, the digital info card will be shared instantly and can be stored just by clicking the save button. A faster and more convenient way than filling out a physical information sheet or exchanging traditional business cards, this process gives users the wow factor in setting a first impression, while giving them time to start a short conversation with a new lead.

What’s more, this powerful Mobilo mode can integrate with 5,000+ apps and CRM tools, making saving leads information seamless and much quicker than keeping a stack of business cards in the drawer.

Even better, the Mobilo lead generation mode prevents new leads from going cold. It allows users to create an automated funnel for new connections as soon as their information is saved in the user’s database. New leads will start receiving follow-up messages from Mobilo users, which keeps the conversations alive, avoiding leads from hanging for days on end.

Business leads–whether new ones or cold ones–still have value. Mobilo believes that the best way to revive cold networking leads is to avoid having them in the first place. With the features of lead generation mode, Mobilo can help its users keep their leads consistently warm and active throughout the critical opening phases of their business relationships.

The revolutionary company also believes that leveraging the available technology not only brings convenience to the way businesses work but also helps protect the environment by minimizing carbon footprint and waste produced in manufacturing and printing paper products such as business cards. Mobilo hopes that through its innovative products, many will be encouraged to follow in its footsteps in saving the environment for future generations.

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Mobilo is a smart digital business card that empowers better business connections across the globe while saving the planet. It can connect with all digital tools and easily shares contact details in a single tap.

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