Charlene Jefferson Debuts New Group Coaching & Consulting Program For Innovators & Change Makers

April 03 17:42 2023
Redefining Success For The High Achieving & High Performing Leader, Entrepreneur & Executive

Charlene Jefferson is the founder of Charlene Jefferson Coaching, a coaching and consulting company in the USA offering private in-person and virtual services and now, she has announced that she will also be expanding her services to include a group coaching and consulting program. She will be leveraging her knowledge and expertise in personal development, leadership and organizational change to deliver world-class success strategies to groups and companies of all sizes.

As a Success Strategist, Charlene specializes in guiding ambitious, high achieving and high performing leaders, entrepreneurs and corporate executives to reach their fullest potential and ascend the ladder of success.

Charlene will offer group coaching and consulting programs that invigorate the inner abilities and power of high achievers through strategizing self-mastery and high performance. Each cohort will receive an in-depth onboarding consultation that allows Charlene to fully understand the specific needs and pain points of the client and organization. Then, Charlene will build a customized strategy that provides the information, support, and resources necessary to leverage those abilities into true success – whether it’s a better career path, a better business or organization, better relationships, or improved finances. With this program, clients learn how to speak truth to personal power, raise ambition and gain insight for making healthy decisions.

Statistics show that success is 42% more likely when goals are written down truthfully; after all, ambiguity is the enemy of achievement. Success Strategists know that there is a direct correlation between a client’s core beliefs and the ability to attract, create and sustain the levels of success truly desired in life, career and business.

Charlene expertly customizes the needs of each client and creates a transformative space to strategize and visualize the best version of self and identify the ideal levels of success and satisfaction in every arena of life. For more information on which program best serves the need, contact Charlene directly

About Charlene Jefferson

Charlene Jefferson is a Certified High Performance Coach™ and Success Strategist focused on helping ambitious, high achieving, high performing women maximize their success while learning how best to showcase it in today’s world whether it be in the boardroom or at the dinner table.

Charlene was faced with many hurdles on her journey to the top. But when she encountered a seemingly impenetrable glass ceiling, something remarkable happened. She tapped into an inner strength that showed how the key to success lies in uncovering your potential and using it to achieve what you want out of life! Inspired by this realization, Charlene became a Success Strategist so she could share her insight with those who are still looking for their own way up – because nobody should be without direction for achieving greatness! Charlene desires to make a difference in the lives of her clients, to provide the tools and strategies needed to create the future each desire and make a meaningful impact on the world.

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