The International Society for Stem Cell Applications (ISSCA) Launches Comprehensive Specializations in Regenerative Medicine

April 04 05:04 2023
The International Society for Stem Cell Applications (ISSCA) Launches Comprehensive Specializations in Regenerative Medicine

Miami, Florida – The International Society for Stem Cell Applications (ISSCA) is proud to announce the launch of its new Specializations in Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapies. These programs are specifically designed to equip medical professionals with the latest knowledge and skills they need to provide cutting-edge treatments to their patients using cellular therapies in their respective areas of expertise.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Medical professionals seeking to stay ahead of the curve in regenerative medicine and cell therapies can now take advantage of the International Society for Stem Cell Applications (ISSCA) new Specializations in Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapies. These comprehensive programs are designed to equip professionals with the latest knowledge and skills in the field, enabling them to offer cutting-edge treatments to their patients.

By participating in these specialized programs, medical professionals will gain access to cutting-edge research, technology advancements, and clinical protocols, ensuring that they are well-prepared to meet the ever-evolving demands of the regenerative medicine industry. In addition, ISSCA’s Specializations in Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapies provide practitioners with an opportunity to enhance their clinical practice and improve patient outcomes through the implementation of advanced, evidence-based therapies.

Specializations Taught by ISSCA

The specializations, taught by world-class physicians and experts in different areas of specialization in Cellular Therapies and Regenerative Medicine, offer a comprehensive and rigorous program that will prepare students for success in their respective fields. The courses include a variety of topics such as harvesting and processing of adipose- and bone marrow-derived stem cells, regenerative gynecology, hair regeneration, immune system optimization, cellular therapies in dermatology, tissue engineering, allogeneic cell therapy, ozone therapy, prolotherapy, functional regenerative medicine, pain management, and chemical blepharoplasty.


“We are thrilled to offer these new specializations to medical professionals globally,” said Benito Novas, Managing Director of Global Stem Cells Group and Head of Public Relations for the International Society for Stem Cell Application from the USA. “Our goal is to provide the best education and training in regenerative medicine and cell therapies so that professionals can provide the highest quality care to their patients.”

ISSCA’s Specializations program includes renowned physicians and experts from around the world. Dra. Silvina Pastrana (Argentina) will provide certification in harvesting, processing, and clinical application of adipose-derived stem cells and bone marrow-derived stem cells, as well as ozone therapy and prolotherapy. Dr. Jorge Elias (Argentina) will teach regenerative gynecology and bioidentical hormones, while Dr. Melihcan Sezgic (Turkey) will cover hair regeneration and transplantation.

Other instructors include Dr. Hassan Bennani (USA) and Dr. Antonio Carrasco (Peru) for immune system optimization, Car-T and NK cells, Dra. Andrea Lapeire (Argentina) for cellular therapies in dermatology and aesthetic medicine, Dr. Alan Gaveck (USA) for allogeneic cell therapy, Dr. Mario Ojeda (Chile) for functional regenerative medicine and obesity, Dr. Ramón Saldaña (Dominican Republic) for pain management, orthopedics, and traumatology, and Dr. Saverio Di Blasi (Venezuela) for chemical blepharoplasty and facial rejuvenation techniques.

ISSCA’s Specializations program is a unique opportunity for medical professionals to gain knowledge and expertise from world-renowned experts in regenerative medicine and cell therapies. With this comprehensive and rigorous curriculum, students can develop the skills and knowledge necessary to provide the highest quality care to their patients.

For more information and to register, visit the ISSCA website.

Platform for Industries Leaders

The ISSCA Conference on Regenerative and Cellular Therapies also serves as a platform for industry leaders, researchers, and practitioners to exchange ideas, discuss new findings, and collaborate on groundbreaking projects in the field of regenerative medicine. This interaction fosters innovation and growth, enabling attendees to stay ahead of the curve and contribute to the advancement of the industry.

As the field of regenerative medicine continues to evolve and expand, it is crucial for medical professionals to remain current on the latest developments and best practices. ISSCA’s Specializations in Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapies provide a comprehensive education and training platform for professionals to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in this exciting and rapidly growing field.

Invest in Education

By investing in their education and staying ahead of the curve, medical professionals can ensure that they are at the forefront of regenerative medicine, delivering the highest quality care and most effective treatments to their patients. Through ISSCA’s specialized programs and conferences, practitioners will be well equipped to navigate the dynamic landscape of regenerative medicine and cell therapies, positioning themselves as leaders in this innovative field.

ISSCA at Global Perspective

ISSCA has been at the forefront of promoting excellent and standardized regenerative medicine. For more information and updates. visit us at

The ISSCA is a multidisciplinary community of physicians and scientists with a mission to advance the science, technology, and practice of Regenerative Medicine to treat disease and lessen human suffering. Its members are leaders in setting standards and promoting excellence in regenerative medicine, related education, certification, research and publications.

About Global Stem Cell Group

The Global Stem Cell Group is a family of several companies focused on stem cell medicine and research. The company uses its network to bring leadership in regenerative medicine training, research, and patient applications.

GSCG’s mission is to allow physicians to present the benefits of stem cell medicine to patients worldwide. The company also partners with policymakers, educators, and regulators to promote regenerative medicine.

Global Stem Cells Group is a publicly traded company operating under the symbol MSSV.

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