ROSINBOMB Stock Is Surging; Innovative Organics Press Technology Is Fueling The Momentum ($ROSN)

April 04 05:02 2023
ROSINBOMB Stock Is Surging; Innovative Organics Press Technology Is Fueling The Momentum  ($ROSN)

ROSINBOMB (OTC: ROSN) stock is surging, increasing by over 172% since the start of 2023. But its recent $0.03 price may not be the final ascent. It’s likely the precursor of significantly higher prices, not based on technical trading momentum, but by ROSN advancing and monetizing a best-in-class organics press lineup of products earning significant growing demand. Of course, that demand translates to revenues. And with only about 27.1 million shares outstanding and average trading volume of fewer than 200k shares per day, a strengthening bid could help ignite an appreciable move higher, far past the triple-digit-percentage gains posted thus far. (* share price of $0.03 on 04/03/23, Yahoo! Finance, 12:04 PM EST) 

The bullish sentiment is warranted, resulting from ROSINBOMB’s embarking on an ambitious path to educate the markets about its game-changing organics and rosin press technology. And more importantly, how it can help them become a fixture in a sector worth billions in sales to consumer and commercial clients needing the types of products ROSN sells. Those already finding ROSINBOMB is no coincidence. The company has earned that interest by marketing game-changing rosin and organics extraction presses and technology. It’s so good that it’s widening its leadership distance from rival products. 

Since its roots in 2015, that’s been the mission- build better products that are easy to use and have broad user appeal. That led them to design an impressive line of rosin presses for consumer and commercial use that can provide significantly better extraction yields for natural herbal concentrates. That’s no coincidence, either. Delivering best-in-sector product yields dates back to its initial press technology intended primarily to serve juice market opportunities. But they’ve expanded their business vision and product abilities considerably since then.

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A Modern Press Technology For The Masses

Today, ROSN sells products that have matured through design and development evolution. Enhancing its original presses and integrations in the current product lineup leverages technological upgrades, allowing users a unique and efficient way to manufacture rosin with easy-to-use plug-and-play technology. The early success drove the mission forward, reaching significant product milestones, including marketing its bigger and better technology through its commercially popular M50 press. Then, in 2017, ROSN made a transformative decision to extend its marketing reach into the consumer market, designing its ROSINBOMB Rocket to target the substantial opportunities presented by the more consumer-dominated marketplace. That decision proved wise and immediately put potentially massive revenue-generating potential within reach. 

Of course, the potential is an excellent target; capitalizing on and maximizing it is better for business. ROSN is doing that by leveraging its status as one of today’s most popular and consumer-friendly press manufacturers. That name recognition means plenty. But more critical to ROSN is that its presses are validated by users using them in different capacities. In other words, everyone from at-home users to those using them for commercial production boasts of the ROSN differences that are advantages. 

Foremost is that ROSN’s current product lineup is intentionally designed to meet the needs of an organics market and user base wanting professional extraction capabilities through a compact – as small as tabletop-sized – footprint. ROSN is meeting that demand and, more importantly, may be the only company doing it in a way to meet the limitations imposed by competing units. In particular, its small product footprint, easy-to-manage controls, and plug-and-play functionality through a single household plug-in is expediting ROSINBOMB’s mission to serve a massive and global non-commercial market sector, putting millions of potential clients in play from press products requiring no special training, technician team, or added resources to make it function.

Differences Are ROSN’s Advantages

For ROSN products, its biggest differences expose its most significant advantages. The most critical one is that ROSINBOMB presses use no chemicals or solvents to produce an end product. Instead, its press design incorporates technology-specific and straightforward techniques that optimize pressing and deliver the finest quality and highest yield of naturally-extracted concentrates. As important, value earned can be value kept. ROSN’s substantial IP portfolio and proprietary technology could keep competitors at a distance. Moreover, it could get lengthened by strengthening its IP portfolio, which they are doing now to protect many of the critical design elements of its rosin presses. 

ROSINBOMB’s competitive distance results from designing equipment combining heat and pressure to produce quality organic concentrates and essential oils at costs sometimes lower than a full-blown commercial-grade manufacturer. What’s more, it’s all accomplished through a simple three-prong plug-and-play process. But here’s another value driver for ROSN and a significant factor for ROSN press users. ROSN presses deliver clean, organic, and, most importantly, solventless extracts. No other known presses offer a similar plate of end product design.

Another consideration fueling ROSN’s growth is that its products are built in the US, supported by a distribution hub in the States that feeds worldwide demand through efficient sales channels. With that made-in-the-USA label comes one of the most inclusive guarantees in the industry, showing that ROSN does more than make quality presses; they stand behind them. That also matters and contributes to ROSN’s steepening demand from a broad user base.

From Box To Counter To Plug To Production, That Easy 

Demand levels are steepening as more consumers in a booming sector become familiar with the ROSN name and the advantages of its product. That includes interest from novice pressers to professionals, with its ROSINBOMB Rocket, the M50, and commercially-focused M60 presses, each targeting significant audiences wanting a more efficient, profitable, and clean product yield. ROSN presses do not only that, but they go further in convenience by being plug-and-play out of the box.

The process stays easy once plugged in. The only two inputs required from the press user involve simple up and down buttons, one controlling the press’s pressure and a second serving as temperature control. Incidentally, ROSN presses require no compressor, meaning that in addition to keeping the extraction process quiet, it generally enables anyone with a three-prong electrical outlet and a table to set it on to operate the equipment. Placing it on the ground also works, so in reality, a ROSN press user only needs an electrical outlet to press quality, professional-grade organics.

More factors contribute to ROSN’s growth spurt. ROSINBOMB facilitates solventless extraction, doesn’t need hydraulics, and utilizes revolutionary Flow Channel technology extraction methods to produce high-quality essential oils and waxes in high volume without the burdensome process of collecting different extracts. Moreover, through its patent-pending Flow Channel technology, the ROSINBOMB M60 achieves large-scale production output without needing additional costly equipment or a team of technicians. From a sales and marketing standpoint, its MSRP of only $2350 for the M60 positions it to disrupt the essential oil extraction market by offering manufacturers a fast, simple, organic, and affordable solution to deliver high yield, efficient processing, and quality product.

Other benefits are attracting industry user attention. ROSINBOMB’s M60 with Flow Channel technology allows for gather-free, rapid succession pressing, which delivers quality yield with minimum effort by sending essential oil into a custom-designed silicon tray for accessible collection. This enhanced technology saves significant time over first-generation press extraction methods. Perhaps more important than time saving is that what is saved accrues to yielding far more final product than competing press technologies. Keep in mind that, unlike other machines, ROSNs don’t pause between press cycles, which facilitates more continuous and efficient processing.

The most significant advantage may be this: Using ROSINBOMB presses and its Flow Channel, manual extract collection is a thing of the past. Those knowledgeable about the extraction process know how powerful a motivator to use ROSINBOMB that can be. Those that don’t may want to understand before purchasing a different brand’s press.

Productive, High Yields, Easy Set Up

Design advantage is another part of the consideration. Both newcomers and press veterans will particularly appreciate this one. The ROSINBOMB M60 comes with 2 additional press plate caps, called the Conversion Plates, that slide over the Flow Channel and allow the operator to convert the Flow Channel into a flat press to produce certain types or small amounts of organic material. The ROSINBOMB M60 is the only press on the market offering the operator this type of extraction versatility. That’s inherent to yield, and more of it.

The M60 yield, assuming 10g-15g material per pressing @ 15-20% average yield, should deliver about 2-3g concentrate per pressing. Able to complete 30 presses per hour, the M60 can provide a 60-90g yield per hour. Of course, outcomes can vary based on several variables, including the quality of material, types of rosin bags used, pressing temperatures, and facility logistics. However, performance precedent shows that ROSN presses deliver consistently higher, cleaner yields than other presses.

That’s an intentional result expected to continue from ROSINBOMB customers exploiting the benefits unique to its presses and technology, including 100% organic and solventless extraction, elegant design and simple operation, and certified components in a compact platform. Even more important to those consumers: it’s powerful. Despite its small housing, it can generate 6,000+ pounds of pressure through a one-touch operation that draws minimal electrical usage. Best of all, no compressors, hydraulics, separate electric pumps, or hand cranks are required.

Disruptive, Yes, But Also Better

The remarkable thing about ROSN is that more than one thing makes them great. Yes, having a great press can drive sales. But the stuff behind making that equipment, including forward-thinking designs, simple functionality, and accessible pricing, matters too. ROSN checks all those boxes, which could be why in addition to its revenues growing, its share price is too. More simply, there are winners outside of those pressing organics and rosin. 

And that makes a case for ROSN more bullish. Happy clients typically lead to company growth, leading to higher sales and higher share price multiples earned. It’s a bullish thesis supported by what this microcap company is doing, not expecting to do. And with tangibles making this company bigger and based on an ambitious 2023 business agenda to do even more, taking advantage of ROSINBOMB as a client or investor may be the wisest consideration. After all, yield can be generated for either one. 




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