SERIAL KILLER Card Game Goes Live on Kickstarter, Campaign Launches on April 1 and Runs Through April 30. 2023

April 04 09:57 2023
The Serial Killer Card Game is a card game designed to help players vocalize their micro traumas in a safe, nonjudgmental environment. This card game is set for launch on the 1st of April 2023.

Serial Killer Card Game, dubbed “the card game for humans with murderous thoughts, sometimes” has officially launched its Kickstarter campaign. In this game, players pair “death cards” with “victim cards”, channeling pent-up emotions caused by micro-traumas into a comfortable environment.

By vocalizing these traumatic experiences, players get to vent their anger and pain but more importantly, they also get to voice their murderous thoughts into the ether, which is more than likely to eliminate such thoughts for good. 

Jack Malacat, the creator of the SERIAL KILLER Card Game conveyed that the verbalization of micro-traumas is a form of self-care that attends to the parts of the mind and soul that are still under assault at a subconscious level, stating:

“If unvalidated, micro-traumas can cause damage to our psyche. It is crucial that we release our deepest, darkest thoughts so we don’t carry them around with us in secret. Serial Killer is best played in a non-judgmental environment. With Serial Killer Card Game, we strive to promote mental wellness,” Jack said. 

SERIAL KILLER is a card game inspired by cognitive behavioral therapy. What sets it apart from other “therapy” card games besides grotesque descriptions and aesthetics is its unique design – it was engineered to help the players visualize, vocalize, and mentally face the subjects that have caused them pain. In SERIAL KILLER, these subjects become “victims”. 

As the card game that will “murder” other card games upon its release, SERIAL KILLER has finally arrived on Kickstarter. The official campaign was launched on the 1st of April and will last until the end of the month. 

A game meant to be played with non-judgmental friends, SERIAL KILLER is also meant to help players bond over difficult experiences and create a support group for individuals that are finding it difficult to come forward with their micro-traumas. 

As Jack describes it, “the more, the deadlier”, a session of SERIAL KILLER can be extremely unpredictable. Quiet, soft-spoken individuals often hide an avalanche of emotions in their souls; when they rain, they pour. 

To celebrate the launch of SERIAL KILLER on Kickstarter, Jack Malacat is revealing four expansion packs that can transform this card game into an even wilder experience. 

The expansion features 100 cards inspired by “the raunchiest encounters ever recorded in history; the “Gorespansion” brings an additional 100 cards inspired by the real details of actual serial killer murders. The “Serial Killer: Torture Deck” introduces 100 cards of visceral torture while the “Serial Killer: Truth or Drink” brings a unique twist and another dimension to the deadliest card game on the current market. 

More information about SERIAL KILLER Card Game is available on its official Kickstarter page.

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