Author Batya Casper conveys a powerful pair of stories in “Hidden: Nistar,” taking a compelling peek into kids’ struggles and resilience.

April 04 10:48 2023
Author Batya Casper’s “Hidden: Nistar” merges two novellas that revolve around the effects of war, peace, discrimination, and resilience. Readers are taken back in time to discover not just the consequences of war but also how that period molded her into the person she is now.

Author Batya Casper’s powerful and engaging book, “Hidden: Nistar,” takes readers on a journey of the struggles and resilience of children caught in the war. 

An incredible book that lets readers understand the consequences of war through the eyes of young children, “Hidden: Nistar” haunts them long after they finish reading about beautifully written pages of two tales.

In the book, the experiences of kids trapped in chaos are vividly described, and readers get to think of them frequently and better understand how violence can impact children’s mental health and well-being. The book is an excellent read for those who wish to enrich their view of history. 

Dan, in a review on Amazon, described “Hidden: Nistar” as a “beautifully written mystery.”

“This book is a beautifully written mystery that unravels with dramatic power and emotional vigor. It reminds me of writings by Virginia Wolfe or Toni Morrison, but it remains truly unique in both style and content,” wrote Dan.

Vee, another reader, praised the author for bringing a set of eyes for the world to understand the hardships of children and vulnerable members of society who are left scrambling to safety and seeking refuge amid bombs flying over their heads.

“Though separated by time, the Novellas in “Hidden” are conceptually interlinked by war, human struggle, prejudice, and despair. Common threads: sights, sounds, odors, and feelings transported me to those times and places. Once there, I felt the pain and despair of the characters. Beautifully written,” wrote Vee.

Meanwhile, Michele Klawitter described the book as a “story of perseverance” that clearly depicts the tragedies of the past.

“The tragedies of war are known to us; this story is an excellent depiction of those tragedies, along with a memorable storyline and characters. Batya Casper did a fantastic job writing a story we can all enjoy while still being able to take a step back and appreciate how good we have it compared to others,” wrote Michele.

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