Marketing Expert Evan Tynan Explains the Best Digital Marketing Tactics for Golf Course Owners

April 14 23:46 2023

A whopping 119 million people played golf in 2022 alone. This means that a good golf course should have no problem finding potential clients. However, it can be difficult to stand out online and many golf courses struggle to attract new clients in their area. Sports and marketing expert Evan Tynan offers insight into tried and proven ways in which a golf course owner can use the internet to build his or her business long-term.

Creating a responsive site is a must, Evan Tynan explains. More than half of all internet traffic comes from mobile device users. These individuals expect a mobile site to load right away and be easy to use even on a small screen. Sites won’t bring in potential clients if they are difficult to view or use and/or take too long to load. What’s more, sites that aren’t mobile-friendly won’t rank well in Google. As more than half of all search engine traffic comes from organic search engine results, golf course owners can’t afford to ignore site performance in Google’s search engine. Thankfully, creating a responsive site isn’t difficult. Many website hosts have plenty of responsive templates to pick from. Alternatively, a golf course owner can hire a web designer to create a unique responsive design.

Another important aspect of website design is the sign-up page. People expect to be able to sign up for programs and activities of their choice online, without undue hassle. An easy-to-use sign-up page makes it easy for potential clients to check the course out. It also encourages regular golfers to keep coming back to the course. Golf course owners should not ask for more information than absolutely necessary, Tynan says. He also notes that the sign-up page should have multiple payment options. While this may not seem like a marketing tactic, it does in fact impact marketing. People who are happy with a site’s ease of use will tell others about it in online reviews. This in turn generates trust in the site and brings in new customers.

Furthermore, Tynan urges golf course owners to take full advantage of social media. Facebook and Twitter offer targeted ad options that make it easy for a golf course to reach local residents without spending money on advertising to people who would likely never visit the course. YouTube is another great advertising venue. Evan Tynan recommends creating specific videos showing golfers how to navigate the course in question. This type of content will catch potential customers’ interest and make them want to pay the course a visit.

Evan Tynan explains that digital marketing for a golf course doesn’t have to be complex or expensive. Creating a responsive site with an easy-to-use sign-up page costs little but can have significant, positive results. Social media advertising can be expensive if one does not keep a close eye on the marketing budget, but one does not have to spend large sums of money on this form of marketing to see a measurable impact. By investing a bit of time, money, and hard work in improving site performance and boosting the course on social media platforms, a golf course owner will be able to reach a larger audience and generate brand loyalty.

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