How Party Killer Tunes is Turning Weakness into Uniqueness

April 17 18:49 2023
How Party Killer Tunes is Turning Weakness into Uniqueness

Noah Derosier (Party Killer Tunes) – Artist Logo
Party Killer Tunes is an experienced singer, rapper, and voice actor with expertise in video editing and making lyrical videos. He owns Bloody Moon Inc and Bloody Moon Records, which helps small artists grow and promotes abled-different artists. He uses his music to motivate and inspire others, particularly those with mental and physical health challenges. He aims to expand his audience globally and continue releasing great music while inspiring the next generation of artists.

Noah Derosier, notably known as Party Killer Tunes, is a prolific singer, rapper, and voice actor with over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry. Party Killer Tunes shares extensive video editing skills, including making lyrical video in Nerdcore music, rock, rap, and the pop dark pop sound making him one of the highly sought-after experts.

Party Killer Tunes, has a vast vocal range, allowing the artist to bring a variety of characters to life. The artist’s ability to hit different vocal ranges and do various character voices has enabled them to excel in voice acting, singing, and rapping. Party Killer Tunes is particularly skilled at portraying scary voices like Pennywise and Jigsaw, as well as high-pitched characters and people with a unique vocal range. The artist believes that voice acting has given them the tools to pursue their dreams in the entertainment industry.

He is the founder and owner of Bloody Moon Inc, a nonprofit entertainment company, and Bloody Moon Records, an independent label helping small artists grow into mainstream hit creators. The label is also working abled-different artists leading the path to proving that mental health and physical disability can’t stop anyone from realizing their dreams.

Party Killer Tunes is on a mission to show that everything is possible regardless of your current situation, provided you never quit. He shares an inspiring story, turning mental and physical health from a weakness to a strength, which he shares in the music. “Music saved my life, and no matter who or what got in my way, I never gave up despite my disabilities,” says Party Killer Tunes.

Today, Party Killer Tunes is dedicated to making great music to help those with the same or similar issues as they become something bright. Some of the great tracks he has released include “Till You Pop,” “Hell Fire,” and “Gate of Hell,” among many others.

Party Killer Tunes wants to motivate others to believe in themselves, face their fears, and never give up. Invest in turning every hurdle into a learning curve, picking up the lessons to brighten your path. More importantly, surround yourself with like-minded individuals who constantly challenge you to become a better version of yourself.

Party Killer Tunes aspires to expand its musical audience to the international space. He wants to take his sound to new audiences beyond American borders. Party Killer Tunes is also keen on releasing more great music that will speak to the masses and reign for years. He also wants to leverage his talent and success to inspire and motivate the next generation of artists to rise and live their dream.

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