Lead Machine Ltd.: Autopilot Lead Generation For B2Cs & B2Bs – Pay For Performance, Not Promises

April 17 19:33 2023
eCommerce Brands, Digital Marketing Agencies and More Can Finally Get The Customers and Clients They’ve Been Seeking And Lower Their Cost Per Acquisition. No Upfront Or Monthly Fees.

Most businesses have incredible products or services with strong values, but their marketing efforts haven’t reached their full potential yet.

Every business, whether a start-up or a seasoned brand, desires to attract, engage, and convert new traffic, but achieving this objective typically requires a dedicated marketing team and substantial resources – something that isn’t always feasible or doesn’t always yield a positive return on investment.

That’s where Lead Machine comes into play. Lead Machine is a B2B & B2C lead generation powerhouse that facilitates businesses in driving new traffic, nurturing them and transforming them into brand new customers or clients without any upfront costs.

Team members have helped a $16M eCommerce company increase revenue by 15%, increase AOV by 20%, and decrease SMS marketing costs by 50%, all in less than 3 months and have over 15+ minutes of positive video testimonials.

For B2Cs, the team covers paid advertising, graphic design, email marketing optimization and more to ensure leads stay engaged throughout the entire customer journey. eCommerce brands, sports venues, fitness centers, etc., can experience an additional hands-off revenue stream tailored to their unique needs and goals.

For B2Bs, they craft and send data-driven cold emails that boast a 12X above-average click-through rate and a 6X above-average response rate. Digital marketing agencies, consulting firms, wholesalers, etc., can tap into a database of over 250 million professionals and 60 million companies to ensure their message reaches the right target audience effectively and efficiently.

B2Bs can narrow their prospects by job title, company location, company revenue and more advanced filters to help achieve laser-focused results.

What distinguishes Lead Machine is its “pay-for-performance, not promises” philosophy. There are no upfront or monthly fees for its services; the team only receives compensation when businesses succeed. It’s a perfect solution for companies on a tight budget.

Ultimately, Lead Machine is a cutting-edge lead generation service that helps various businesses get the traction they’ve been searching for. They offer data-driven solutions that attract, engage and convert prospects into paying customers efficiently and at low risk.

To get started, business owners or decision makers can schedule a free 15-30 minute meeting and discuss their needs and expectations.

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