An Eclectic Mix Of Dance, R&B, And Rhythm Soul: Phamily Rootz Inspyred Releases A Hit New Single.

April 17 23:18 2023
An Eclectic Mix Of Dance, R&B, And Rhythm Soul: Phamily Rootz Inspyred Releases A Hit New Single.
This new musical anthem, “The Rhythms’ Soul”, regales listeners with deeply felt musical symphonies that provide an intimate peek into the artist’s life.

Phamily Rootz InSpYred is a new up-and-coming musical family dynamic duo that creates an exciting collection of dance music that electrifies audiences. Saraswati (Sarah-Swat-Tay) and Mark-Alayn (Alan) are a talented super singer and super producer musical collective which features their goal to inspire their fans to let their rhythm rock.

The singers use their musical talents to help enthuse audiences of all ages- their sole motivator becomes the need to spread contentment and joy. “The Mark-Alan Alphabet Song” is an example of this kind of music- an honorable children’s song that works to promote childhood language and literacy. This single is the first step in producing a super buzz in the music and movie industry breaking Phamily Rootz InSpYred as a new musical family recording artist to the global community.

Similarly, their newest single “The Rhythms’ Soul” is also a celebration of life. This single reached a high musical level #1 hit on the Dance charts with crossover appeal primarily because of its inspirational feel-good party celebration song that will make you dance and have a good time. The eclectic stars realize that what makes their music unique is their DNA- since music is firmly entrenched in their blood. Musical production has been their calling,

Saraswati (Sarah-Swat-Tay) and Mark-Alayn (Alan) emphatically proclaim, “Music is an art that expresses the human experience, and we plan to continue to create, write, perform, and produce music in various genres, films, TV shows, and children’s educational and entertainment platforms”. Thus, “The Rhythms’ Soul” is a song that listeners will dance to as these songs celebrate the cultures of music honoring the different genres that old and young alike will appreciate. The uniqueness of this song is how the writer incorporates the different styles of music as a celebration of life giving you no choice but to groove to this unique beat.

Discover the inspiring artist’s music on YouTube, Spotify, and their website at the following link Follow the artist’s official social media page on Instagram for updates on newer music. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations reach out through this [email protected]


Saraswati (Sarah-Swat-Tay) and Mark-Alayn (Alan) are the founders of Phamily Rootz InSpYred, a musical collective all set to bring contentment and happiness to many. Saraswati has been singing since she was a child in her hometown Brockton Ma church, however, Mark-Alayn discovered his musical talent after he was cut from the high school Basketball team.

Moreover, Saraswati is a super singer, songwriter, visual artist, and accomplished stage performer and Mark-Alayn is a super music-producer,  songwriter, and a successful preschool teacher. He is also a children’s book author (Word Up!), and screenwriter. Using their cumulative talents, both sister and brother work to produce energetic, feel-good music that is all set to bring everyone to the dance floor!





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