How Korty EO is capturing contemporary Nigerian culture through confessional-style videos

April 17 20:24 2023
How Korty EO is capturing contemporary Nigerian culture through confessional-style videos
Eniola Olanrenwaju, Popularly known as Korty EO

Eniola Olanrenwaju, Popularly known as Korty EO, is one of Nigeria’s fastest-rising YouTube stars with over 200,000 subscribers and about 8 million views. The 24-year-old, who resides in Lagos, is a young filmmaker well-known for her viral, quirky, and candid interview-style videos where she discusses and brings to light various sensitive topics frankly. Since she started her YouTube channel two years ago, Korty has demonstrated creativity, competence, and consistency in capturing modern Nigerian culture through not only her own experiences but the lived experience of others.

Despite her fame and recognition as a filmmaker, Korty insists that she hasn’t produced any films. “As much as I call myself a filmmaker, I have actually not made any film. What I make is a documentation of my experiences, each documentary’s content is peculiar and typically developed out of need. My ideas are very spontaneous and born out of necessity” Korty says. 

Korty had to quit her job at Empawa Africa to start a Youtube channel whih has grown to over 200,000 subscribers. Her videos are different from anything the African audience is used to, her stories and radical approach to life captivates her viewers and keeps them yearning for more.

By March 2021, she started a show on her channel called ‘Flow, with Korty’, a character driven show that focuses on individual experiences of Africans doing interesting things across different sectors.

Before Korty started the two main shows on her channel, “Flow with Korty” and “Love or Lies” her videos took on a more experimental format. She used to do videos where she took on different creative projects relating to her personal life. One such video, which went viral last year, is where she had conversations with 15 people in their 20s about why they have so much sex. The video has amassed approximately 540,000 views and positive commendations from the public. Even iconic Nigerian singer-songwriter Asa applauded the project when she appeared on an episode of “Flow with Korty,” where she spoke further about heartbreak, religion, growing up, and other personal topics. Asa agreed these conversations should be more frequent, as people are prone to misunderstand the topics.

After two years of hard work, her channel took definitive shape. “Love or Lies,” the pilot of which aired on January 29, 2023, is now five episodes in with over 1.3 million views. The show chronicles the real-life drama and comedy that follows setting up two strangers on a date in Lagos. While filming her subjects, she aims for deep dives into rarely-explored topics within Nigeria’s conservative society, such as “body counts” and sex. Korty provides them with a secure environment to relax and talk.

Her other main show “Flow with Korty,” which includes 15 episodes with approximately 3.3 million views, is an inquisitive, interview-style production centered around the lives of celebrities and trailblazers in Lagos and the wider West African cultural scene. On this show, Nigerian celebrities like Asa, Don Jazzy, Ayra Starr, Victony, Blaqbones, and Rema and as well as more international celebrities like Black Sheriff from Ghana and Netty from Israel have been featured.

Through these videos, you can get a glimpse of Korty’s adventurous and fascinating life. A more recent video under this playlist that went viral is one of her attempts to schedule an interview with the Afropop star Wizkid over three days in Lagos this year. On the third day, when she got close enough to speak to him, she was denied access by his bouncer despite previously meeting with his manager to arrange an appointment. Such an experience solidifies her resolve. 

Korty grew an outstanding portfolio in the space of 2 years by working on projects with top brands like; Nike, Google Arts and Culture, Big Brother Naija, Coachella, GT Bank, Keeks, etc

By the middle of 2021, she spoke about her growth as a YouTuber at Stanford University and got nominated for the Pulse Ng YouTuber of the year award.

She was also selected as a member of the YouTube Black Voices Class of 2023. Korty boasts of 162k followers on instagram, 111k followers on twitter and 246k followers on youtube. She currently has a net worth of about $100,000. 

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