Discusses Matters to Consider When Hiring an Exterior House Painter

April 21 22:52 2023 Discusses Matters to Consider When Hiring an Exterior House Painter

A fresh coat of paint brings curb appeal and increased value to homes and businesses. Homeowners must paint their homes every five to ten years to ensure the paint coating remains fresh. Peeling and fading paint does not look attractive. When it comes time to paint again, relying on professional painters becomes a must. These professionals will handle the challenging work and ensure the job is finished correctly. Companies like Fresh Coat Painters can educate homeowners. 

Signs Homes and Businesses Need New Paint

There are a few signs home and business owners will notice when their properties need a new coat of paint. The paint breaks down over time and needs replacing. Those who would like to learn more can browse around here

  • The paint may begin peeling. 

  • The paint is fading.

  • There are cracks in the caulk.

  • There are gaps between joints.

  • Owners are selling their properties.

  • The owner wants to change the color.

Wood siding needs more paint jobs than other materials. When paint begins to crack and peel, wood becomes vulnerable to developing rot. Homeowners should paint wood siding every five years and aluminum every ten years. 

Tips for Hiring an Exterior Painter

Hiring an expert exterior painter is essential, according to The following tips should help homeowners understand how to proceed with finding a painter to take care of their property. 

  • Property owners should consult with at least three professionals before hiring one. Compare the level of expertise, cost, and any guarantees. Research carefully before deciding. 

  • Ensure the contract outlines everything. Look for all key pieces of information, including the company name, address, phone number, and license number. Make sure the contract outlines all services and costs. 

  • Check the painter’s license and insurance. Never hire an unlicensed or uninsured painter. If the painter has no insurance, the homeowner may be held responsible for any damages caused to the property. 

  • Always ask for a guarantee before hiring a painter. If the painter refuses to stand behind their work, go elsewhere for service. The painter should promise to correct any issues that may arise, including peeling, cracking, and fading within two years of service. 

  • Homeowners should ensure their professional painter allows them to select their paints. By researching carefully and selecting their paints themselves, homeowners can save money while ensuring the exterior of their homes receive vital protection. Check out 7 Steps to a Perfect Exterior Paint Job for further information. 

  • Older homes may have lead paint. Lead paint testing is critical for older homes so professional painters know how to proceed in the process. Select a painter that knows how to test for lead paint and handles its removal safely and effectively. 

  • Avoid DIY Approaches to Exterior Paint

Although tempting, homeowners should avoid attempting DIY approaches to painting their homes. Without proper training and tools, inefficient paint jobs lead to exterior and eventual interior home damage. 

Researching the available providers ensures home and business owners choose painters wisely. Professional painters come equipped with the knowledge, tools, and equipment to protect homes with a beautiful paint job that stays stunning for many years. 

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